Medical apeal succsessful?


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Afternoon everyone
So last september I was graded Unfit when I did the over the phone triage, the reason being I had to wait two years post op to join . Any way come april (2nd Anniversary of opp)captia told my careers office that I had to apeal because I was found unfit so I did , I sent off the apeal was told I would get a recipt to say It got sent but I didn’t .But today I got a date for a face to face medical so would that mean the apeal was succsessful ?
Thanks all.
I'm no expert in these matters but I would guess that if you have an appointment for a face to face medical you are not classed PMU(permanently medically Unfit).
Good luck with it.


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As correctly surmised, if you've been moved forward from triage to the face to face medical, it means whatever element was holding you up at the triage stage has been resolved.

Before conducting cartwheels, at risk of sounding a miserable bugger, you still need to pass all elements examined in the face to medical such as blood pressure, beighton test, height/weight/bmi, hearing test, colour perception test, urine test, etc.

Best o'luck.


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I think I should be allright but you never know what might pop up , so one will hold the cart wheels until after he stamps my forehead.


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Just an update after my medical. The stuff to do with my disectomny 2 years back was accepted, provided my exercise book etc and did all the stupid walks and blowing tests etc .But the quack thinks I have a dipped chest so before I can be passed fit I have to go have my heart and lungs checked . Will update when that has been done. I decided I wanted to join the the Navy whilst sat in hospital two years ago, so another month or so won’t hurt .

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