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Good Afternoon people,

This is my first post and im unsure if it's in the correct place but i've had something bugging me for a while, and im worried it may effect me in a negative way going forward in my application.

So i've just recently passed my selection interview for the Royal Navy, this is something im deadset on joining, i've been dreaming about serving for well over a year, long story short, i have noticed in my medical document questonnaire about "Drug abuse" while i've never actually abused drugs i have taken them in the past, i did go to a few festivals and clubs and while i was at at college i smoked cannabis in-frequently for a around a year. The drugs i have taken are isolated events and it never effected me mentally or financially, i have taken cocaine and MDMA, and cannabis. I havent touched any substances in over a year, my current job i get tested randomly so i would never risk it, and i also have no desire to take drugs anymore.

I'm a very honest person, i am 24 years old and i understand that people do take substances when they are younger, when i took drugs i will add it was infrequant and it was before i'd wanted to join a military service, now im looking back and worried that past use may screw me over, i would like to stress i havent been addicted to any drug but have taken them in the past.

Of course i wil be completly honest in everything regarding my use but is this going to effect my application? I'm worried mostly about my SC clearance. I no longer hang around anyone that uses drug socially, and havent for a while.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as joining the Royal Navy and serving my country is my dream, Thank you very much


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The best advice and something you have already mentioned is to be honest in your application.

I think now most applicants will have some sort of history of drugs and the recruiters realise that as long as it all behind you.

The RN, and the other forces have a zero tolerance policy on drug abuse which involves random drug testing. Those who test positive then need to find a new employer.

I have known the drug testing teams to turn up 2 days running or the following week.

Good luck in your application.


Thank you very much mate, i appreciate the response. i will write on the medical and sc clearance i have taken drugs in the past and explain the circumstances of use, and that im completely drug free and it's behind me, once again, thank you very much.

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