Medical and PJFT questions.



I am at the medical stage of my application and I've just received the letter confirming that I have it in a few weeks.

What can I expect at the medical? is there anything I am required to do?

Also how long after the medical will my PJFT be?

Thanks for any help given!


Medical you piss in a pot then do basic weight height blood pressure stuff then a few press ups and funny walks to check your body moves correctly then they will examine you on a bed and check your joints and you do a hearing test with different frequencies
pjft is to be completed upto 28 days from date of medical


I have a medical question and not sure how to PM people or who would be best to ask. I was MD'd from RM recruit training after nearly 2 years at week 26 with a lower back injury. I was recommended fit for navel service and offered a transfer but did not take it at the time. I know wish to rejoin in a navel rank an wondered if the medical decision would still stand when I apply. Will they take that initial decision and allow me to go through selection for the navy.

Any help or advice is welcome.
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Welcome, former "NodFather".

The thing you have to bear in mind is the medical standards for entry are far more stringent than for those already serving. The Corps obviously liked you & felt you had what it takes to complete RT - particularly if Final Ex was otherwise within your grasp. Quite simply, you would not have been paid a wage as a recruit for two years or offered the chance to transfer if they didn't have reasonable regard for your performance.

Snag is, the Corps are extremely risk averse with back & lower-limb injuries so the door there will quite likely be closed.

The RN? Depends on your medical history since discharge - you'll need to be fully clear of the injury, medication, treatment, symptoms & fully mobile for a good few years to be in with a chance. If you were discharged with a medical pension, there's very little prospect of success, I'd imagine.

Ultimately - there's only one way to find out for certain by entering into the re-entry process but whilst every sympathy & best wish is afforded - definitely don't build your hopes, your chance may well have passed you by unfortunately.

Good luck.


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A lot depends on the injury and length of time injured. In your case, if it was 2 years stuck at wk 26 then it doesn't sound good. Not many are passed fit for re-entries with previous back injuries, no matter what 'recovery' has been made. BUT! It doesn't hurt to ask, does it?

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