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I decided to start playing rugby again as a way of getting fit. Yesterday, I managed to break my 3rd metatarsal in my right hand, only a small break though. As a result I am now in a sling and have an appointment to see the fracture clinic on Wednesday.

How will the injury affect my medical? I am still waiting for my sift interview date, in which I might have to explain why I am in a plaster :) I can still run, I carried on playing for the remaining 20 minutes, but was wondering if I will have to wait until the injury heals to do the pjft?


Bad luck.

You'll be deferred until it heals: press-ups are tricky with a hand in plaster. It's one of those things, and it happens loads. As long as it heals ok (slightly unusual fracture, and it's a metacarpal by the way) there'll be no long term impact on your Naval plans but at present you won't be able to do basic training. It'll take 6-8 weeks to heal, assuming it's a simple fracture that doesn't need an op.

Love the sling!
Thanks for the reply angrydoc. I'm hoping that the fracture will be ok in a few weeks. It's only a small one. The pain that I am experiencing is due to the little bit of bone sticking out and rubbing against muscles, tendons etc in my hand when I move it.

The nurse said it was an unusual place to get a fracture! I'm putting it down to playing full back for the 5ths against a 1st team! I had plenty of tackling practice and assume that it was probably a bit too much for me in the end.

I haven't had a date for my interview yet, but am hoping by the time I have had it and then when my medical and pjft are organised it will have cleared up without any extra delay.
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