Medical and holidays?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by richards8610, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. Hello, if you pass the Medical during recruitment, how long does that last for, is it a year?

    Also i'm wondering what would happen if I were to book a summer holiday for next August, which is a exactly a year after my medical? Would it be best not to book the holiday or would they take a pre booked holiday into consderation when providing me with a Raleigh date?

    Incase your wondering why I can't book for an earlier time of the year, its because my wife is a student nurse and she can't get the time of between march and the end of july.

  2. Medicals are valid for 12 months if the candidate is under 18 when the medical is conducted.

    For over 18 but under 30s, it's until the age of 30. For candidates over 30, it's 5 years.

    Medicals for Aircrew are only valid for 1 year.

    You are unlikely to be at HMS Raleigh during August of next year as it is generally closed for most of August. It may help you to check the exact dates for next year, though, if you can, then you will know for sure.
  3. Thank you for your reply soleil. Very helpful.
  4. Would my careers advisor know what dates Raleigh is closed for next august already?
  5. I do but I can't remember them so unless someone sticks them up in the meantime you'll have to wait until Monday when I get back to work.
  6. Hello wrecker, did u find out the dates?
  7. I forgot, I'll post them in the morning.
  8. Raleigh 2012 leave dates are

    Easter 30th March to 16 April
    Summer 3rd August to 3rd Sept
    Christmas 21 Dec to 7th Jan

    2013 dates available on request and crossing the palm with silver
  9. Thank you wrecker.

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