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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SeanP82, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I have a couple of questions that haven't yet been properly answered by my careers office...

    1) I am 27 and applying to be a Logistics Officer - I have spent a lot of my time since university teaching and also in senior management and I decided to have a career change at a late stage. Would my age and outside experience go against me? Do people question why you want to join so late?

    2) About 4 years ago I was involved in a car accident (not particularly serious) but I did require painkillers from A&E (I went as a precaution) and some chiropractic treatment afterwards). I have been ok since but obviously this is going to be on my medical records - am I likely to be rejected on that basis?

  2. You didn't ask the right question.

    It is up to you to ensure you keep up with the physical demands of the job, and to ensure your additional years of experience can benefit the team you are working with.

    They will certainly question that at AIB. Think about how you will answer the question.

    Wait for 'Angry Doc' to answer medical issues.
  3. Chiropractic treatment isn't really treatment - it makes your wallet lighter, but I think that is the only definite thing. There is no evidence of it doing any good and, more worryingly, no evidence it doesn't do harm. Save yourself the money and admit you're paying for placebo treatment.

    As long as you have normal function now then you will be fine.

    It's 'Emergency Department' by the way - no such thing as an accident!
  4. Thanks for the advice - it is really handy!

    I absolutely agree with you - were it not for the fact that the offender's insurance company paid for it, I wouldn't have contemplated it. I did have to have an examination with an independent doctor as part of the insurance claim but they basically said that it was more just general aches and pains and that chiropractice was not an effective treatment - that exercise and painkillers where necessary would be better.

    I just wanted to check because everytime I exercise or train I get the odd niggle and I automatically think that it is more than just an ache or pain (it is in my head I know!)

    Again, thanks for putting my mind at rest!!!
  5. Nope, that's AIDS.
  6. JonnoJonno - thanks for the advice. I just wanted to see if they would have higher expectations of me than any other applicant.

    If I was successful and joined BRNC, would I be a graduate entry or non-graduate entry (the careers office said non-graduate as although I have a degree, a masters degree and my teaching qualification, they aren't in engineering and so don't this right?)
  7. No they are wrong, worryingly so actually. If you have a masters degree you would go in as a direct graduate entrant with 3.5 years seniority, meaning you would spend 18 months at Sub Lt. before promotion to Lt. (if successful of course)

    With regard to your age, as long as you can justify your reasons for wanting to join, and that you have understood and are prepared for the huge lifestyle change then it won't cause a big problem.

    Try to get out of your mind this notion that a lot of older applicants seem to have that you will need to list your experience like any other job interview. It is a competency based interview, they are looking for you to show specific examples of leadership, teamwork, problem solving, but they want to hear examples that showcase you for your character not your business success. They will not ask you how successful you were in limiting loss, or generating profit, or other associated business achievements and so it is important to differentiate. One woman on my AIB had prepared a list of achievements and examples that would have suited her brilliantly for a management role in business, or for the apprentice, but were of little use at the AIB.

    Good luck.
  8. If you're going for Logistics, then your degree will count regardless of what it is. The subject only matters if you're going for an engineering role and need an engineering based qualification.

    EDIT: Damn you, lonestar. Damn you.
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  10. Thanks for the information: I must admit I was very confused as people had only ever spoken to me in terms of Sub/Lt and then I heard Midshipman and non-graduate entry and it confused me a little!

    I didn't expect to talk about my business success of anything like that (my experience had been in education and training) and so was prepared for competency based interviews and stuff. I just wondered if they expected more of me when it came to assessing my performance.

    Is it appropriate to now confess that I am currently a Pilot Officer in the RAF Volunteer Reserves? I have spent some time at Cranwell as part of my Officer training to gain my commission for that, so have seen some initiative exercises etc. I doubt that will count for anything but I someone did mention that (what will be) my one year's commissioned experience may have some bearing...

    Sorry to ask lots of questions - I think it is good to hear it from people who have been through the process rather than just the Careers Office.
  11. Janner - thanks for the link - that's really helpful!
  12. I don't know if it will have any effect on rank/seniority if you are successful - I doubt it. However it will definately help in the application process, it shows positive characteristics and will hopefully have provided you with some experience in leadership, teamwork etc which you could use in interview. Furthermore if your experience in the RAF Reserves has had an impact on your decision to apply for a full time career in the armed forces then it adds credibility to your rationale for joining at an older age.
  13. Lonestar - thanks for that! It is exactly why I decided to go for a full time career and wasn't keen on full time RAF. I don't mind it having no impact on rank or seniority anyway, but I do think it has given me skills and experience that should be useful!

    Can anyone finally clarify for me once and for all (as you can see, the Careers Office- whilst very helpful- didn't quite give me accurate info) - if I am succesful and join BRNC for training, what would I go in as and what is the progression after that based on my masters?

  14. As was said earlier, you would go in as a Sub Lt. with a seniority date 18 months prior to joining. This would leave you with a further 18 months to serve as a Sub Lt. before automatic promotion to Lieutenant. Any further promotion after that is not automatic.
  15. That makes much more sense! Thanks for that!
  16. I was cleared as medically suitable for the Army recently so Im assuming Il be ok for the navy lol
  17. Don't assume. Check
  18. I was basing the assumption on what I read on the RN webby but aye , il check Tuesday.
  19. Good plan mucker. Good luck with it.

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