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I'm about to do my medical next week, and having just jumped on the scales for the first time in about a year I've just worked my BMI to be 17.9, putting me underweight, is that going to be problematic?

Second, I have been having another look at the pre-joining fitness plan on the navy websight, and I have just noticed that it says women are supposed to be doing box press ups, does that mean that during the press up tests at Raleigh and so forth are all box press ups?! Because I have no problem with those, it's just full press ups I have problems with

Hope you can help!


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This is no press ups tests at Raleigh. You're just expected to do them in the IMF circuit. They build you up so get yourself to a comfortable point and you'll be fine.

With your BMI being low they may deem you TMU until you gain weight but I am in no way qualified to certify anything in regards to your medical. Angry Doc or ninja will give you a definitive answer.

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The Pre Joining Fitness booklet has not been updated - as stated above, full press-ups for females.

BMI, bearing in mind age & gender also alter the target weight, you are only a kilo or two out & the medical examiner may well apply a degree of discretion. Then again, they may not. A litre of water, by the way, weighs a kilo.
I used to struggle with the 'manly' press ups but just build them up slowly and in no time you'll be able to smash them out! I used an app on my phone and just made sure i did it everyday alongside the other fitness work like running, swimming etc. i found doing the plank as well everyday got me used to being on me toes.
Once you are in the RN, don't worry about being underweight, I don't think I ever came across a female member of the RN who suffered from being underweight. Infact seeing as Freddie Mercury once stated that "Fat Bottom girls make the rocking world go round", the RN has recentley been commended as recognition for the contribution it has made to astrophysics.
Thanks everyone! I'll just keep eating the second and tripple portions I am at the moment, and try really hard to build up these press ups! Thanks for your speedy answers too!


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BMI, how I hate it so. It is a poor measure of the body, but it is the standard used.

The AFCO Dr may make you TMU for being underweight, but it is easier to put weight on rather than lose it. You could try a weights routine to build a little muscle, not Miss Universe scale, as this weighs more than fat. Please don't resort to the protein supplements (I can foresee some comments written on this one) as they cost a packet and aren't a replacement for a good diet.

Good luck.

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AD. I ought to have added that in isolation BMI isn't an accurate assessment, but should be used alongside Waist Circumference. This would be of much more value in the assessment.
Being a bit controversial, I would raise the BMI limit to 20 or 21 for some branches such as RM - maybe that change will happen in the future.

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If your BMI is >28 then the pressure on your hips and knees is the same whether the weight is fat or muscle. Why do you think professional athletes tend to retire mid-30s? Their knees are knackered. We shouldn't be employing and training people for them to be boarded with anterior knee pain within 20 years.
Surely muscle protects joints in a way which fat doesn't, though, and consistent repetition of a set of joint motions involved in training to a professional level in a single, specific discipline/sport must also play quite a role in professional athelete joint wear.

I'm not disagreeing with what you say about the use of BMI being reasonable, but the physical demands on most of the navy (standfast RM) are quite different to those of a professional athlete.


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Climbing ladders is pretty repetitive...

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Is it medically possible to get knee pain from traversing ladders? When on crew, my knees always ache, especially when cold.

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