Medical and BMI


I am considering applying to the royal navy, I have been reading alot of posts on here where people have had a BMI too high and having to drop it for the medical. I am 6ft5 and currently 115kg which is a BMI of 30, I do alot of weight training so I have a rugby build, my waste is below the 94cm requirement. I would need to drop to 96kg to be within the acceptable range for the medical which I could do but dont know that I could maintain it.

Do you get regular medicals after you have joined and do you need to stay below the 25 BMI for the duration of your service?
I don't know of any annual BMI tests, as long as you pass RNFT you're usually good.

I have definitely seen personnel who can't possibly be below a BMI of 25. I'm not sure how this is managed but as I said, RNFT is the standard.

Worth checking with your AFCO if you're unsure.

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