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Good evening ladies and gents.

I have been observing these forums since applying in January and this is my first official post.

This is basically for anyone worrying about their BMI at the Medical. I had mine today, passed everything apart from BMI, i am 190cm and weigh 109kg. I have been advised around 6-8 weeks to drop below 100kg before my applocation can move forward. Fitness isnt a problem as i train and play Rugby 3 times a week and running the 2.4km in or around 11minutes which at 30 years old i am under my time with a couple of minutes to spare. I just wanted to let others know that if you are worried about your BMI just keep working, as i have seen today they will give you the time and opportunity to get withing acceptable range.

Once i am at acceptable weight i am hoping to be in for summer as an AET so will hopefully see some of you guys soon.

Thanks for reading and if this puts at least one persons mind at ease then i will be happy with that.


Lantern Swinger
So your BMI is currently just over 30, which "officially" is in the obese range (just quoting the official figures).

Although I reduced my BMI to under 25 for my medical in September (with hardly any excess fat), I was concerned about my waist measurement which never gets below the 94cm mark due to the structure of my hip bones.

When I queried this with the Doc, he explained it very simply, if you are "overweight " but just a big strong, healthy looking rugby-type lump, as long as your waist is 94cm or less, you are fine.


Yes, officially i am classed as "obese" with the current guidelines. My waist was around 98cm so over by a few cm. As you stated about the "rugby-type lump" he wasnt too worried about my weight or size in general regarding the risk of future health issues, just to get under the Navy maximum and i will be fine. You can have a waist of over 94cm and be below 28BMI and still pass so go figure. Surely losing some weight cant be a bad thing, right?

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