Medical advice


Hi I'm looking for a bit of info please, I have searched & searched but can't find nothing at all anywhere ,my daughter is 15 ( 16 in April ) & she has wanted for some time to join the navy so has started the application process as it took her brother over a year from recruitment test to entry date ,but over 2 years ago she got trigger finger ( thickening of the tendons )in both her hands , she had surgery to thin out her tendons to stop it happening again ,her surgeon wouldn't do both hands together & it took so long to diagnose with her been so young they said it's very unusual so only had her last op in November 2017 ( waiting lists for surgery were really long ) , this seems to have worked & she is just waiting to be discharged from the hospital . She has no restricted movement & has regained full strength back in both hands , might this stop her getting in ? Just as she will soon be leaving school I would very much like her to have a plan B.
Any info will be very much appreciated
Thank you