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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Corey, Dec 16, 2015.

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  1. Hi guys after a lot of searching I have found a variety of answers for my question

    Last november I went to the doctors following a split with a long term partner of mine due to feeling down. After a small questionaire I was recommended to try some citrapram. I took this 10mg dose for 4 weeks then a 20mg dose for 2 weeks then had another review. On my review I told the doctor that the eposiode of sadness had completely gone however he insisted that the pills would not have even started to work properly yet and so purscribed me another course. I picked these up but following talks with my friends did not take and decided to see how I will go without them
    Now a year on I still haven't opened the pack and feeling completely fine. I'm seeing people posting stuff from 2 years bar on entry after stop taking the pills to 12 weeks after?
    I currently have my medical set for the new year and really want to train as a ME. I'm currently in a stressful job now repairing machinery in a factory. How long is the bar from anti depressets and would I likely be accepted in my medical due to the sole nature for being started on the pills was for the break up. Something I'm now completely over?
    Any info will be great
  2. Hi phot face
    Yeah that's the form I was sent from tye RN team. Unfortunately it doesn't specificy a time period. Something that I could do with clearing up
    Thanks for your help tho
  3. [​IMG]

    Number 13 states that after one episode you need to be treatment and symptom free for two years, however, you could argue the toss that it wasn't depression, challenge the diagnosis and get your GP to write you a letter stating this. I can't guarantee that it'd work, but anything is worth a go. Thing is, these time spans are very rigid.
    Good luck anyway

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  4. Ahh I didn't see that thanks
    Yeah it may well be worth a go. After all if it was depression then surely after a couple of weeks of tabs then I wouldn't be cured?
  5. Yeah. Well my doc has written a letter explaining the circumstances of my reaction so I hope that's enough. Thing is, if you look at number 17, it's still a years bar on application even if it was a relationship break up.

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  6. A years passed anyway for me so that's no big deal for me :)
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  7. Just as a update got booked into the docs for tomorrow to try and see if he can change his mind on the diagnosis. Does anyone have any tricks that might work?
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    When relationships break down or we lose someone close, it is natural to feel down. This is a natural occurrence unfortunately, something most people will encounter some time in their life.

    For most, the circumstances are such that they can cope without the need to seek medical assistance. For those who need medical assistance due to the severity of their particular circumstances, treatment is of course available.

    It would strike many people as irrational to request diagnosis and treatment of a condition only to later take issue with their GP for responding to their plight as requested, because of the subsequent implications.

    The question you have to ask yourself is how you would have reacted if your GP had told you that you were going through a natural process and that treatment was unnecessary and could affect your career aspirations in the short term?

    Either way best of luck, hopefully your particular circumstances do not unduly delay your application or your future ability to work under extreme duress in an operational environment for prolonged periods.
  9. I thought that's what the GP does say. That is exactly what mine said after the death of my grandad followed closely by my 5 year marriage break up. She just said it was grief and if it got worse come back.
    I feel like it's a subjective experience.

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  10. Ninja_Stoker

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  11. Hi all
    Just a little update after explaining my symptoms to the doctor and the med type from last year he was happy that the issue was down to a adjustment disorder from the split with my partner. Relieved is a understatement
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