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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by busychris, May 9, 2013.

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  1. Im due my medical soon and have a dilemma. last year I went to the docs because I was occasionally waking up in the night with a tight chest. he prescribed me an inhaler. which I used as and when, during this time I replaced my bedding (duvet/pillows) and the problems stopped. my doctor and myself agreed I was probably allergic to the feathers in the old duvet as the new one was not feathered. I have no history of asthma at all, what I need to know is, is it likely to be a blunt no come back in 3 yrs (its been over 1 since prescription) or is there tests I can do to prove im fine? do I even mention it as ive never had asthma? any help much appreciated
  2. Tricky - sounds more like a sensitivity to house dust mite than a feather allergy per se. If you were allergic to the feathers then you would have been tight chested from the day you first used the duvet. HDM poos in matresses, pillows, duvets etc and cause asthma-like reactions.

    So I think it's more a HDM sensitivity but you may well be prone to asthma so I would suggest a peak flow chart for a couple of months (ask your practice nurse) to confirm your lungs are normal.

  3. Thanks for the speedy reply! Its not a.straight forward bar then?
  4. It's not but I'm afraid the onus is now on you to prove your lungs are not asthmatic! It involves the peak flow test I hope your GP did when you saw him - you do it a few times a day for a couple of months, record the readings and if all is ok then all is ok.
  5. thanks again, no he didn't! never done one I shall start one asap thanks again

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