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Hello, any responses much appreciated!

Basically I have been through the application process got to Raleigh in November and 2 weeks before my entry date i injured my adductors/hip flexor, upper thigh region and still went to raleigh. We have a medical on the tuesday as you all probably know, and stupidly I told them about the injury, thinking back I could've ran through the pain but here we are now. Now I am all healed and fit and I have already re applied, I have done my medical again and they said it is all good but I have to do a 3 month diary, as I started running back in late december/ early january time I asked if I could backdate the diary and the AFCO and Capita said I could. I have been taking part in the local MPCT college where they do a lot of PT like sand dune training, hikes, circuits, runs etc so I have included that in the diary. I have sent off the diary yesterday but I am a worrier just in case it may not be sufficient even though there is a lot of exercises compatible to military training, I just wanted some advice on what happens from here on now

Thanks to anyone who replies once again!
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I think that you need to give it a bit more time. If you only sent your diary off yesterday, it won't have been looked at yet, that's definitely true. I would imagine that you will have received a response by the end of the month and you can take it from there. There's nothing to be gained from worrying about this over the weekend.

Telling someone to think positive sometimes sounds a bit sugary, but it's the best advice for you at this point.

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