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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Drink_my_spill, Apr 7, 2015.

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  1. Passed everything on my second medical except resting heart rate. Was sitting at 112 bpm which is clearly high although my pulse was taken straight after I had finished the hearing test which I had failed previously, meaning I was stressing about the result of that. I've been instructed to request a 12 lead ECG and 24 hour monitor. The doctor said that my heart beat sounds regular and my blood pressure is fine. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Been 7 months TMU waiting for ECG & Echo tests and reports. Can tell you that the NHS puts the S in slow looking forward to my third Medical whenever that might be

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  3. On my 1st medical I had an 'irregular heartbeat' (probably down to nerves) was referred to my GP for an ECG, it came back saying I have an incomplete right bundle branch block, now my case has been sent to the Senior Medical Officer and it's waiting for him to basically accept me or refuse me. This has been going on for months, proper worrying me!
  4. how long has it been since it went to the SMO, if you don't mind me asking? Apparently my file will end up there too!

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  5. My bold, depends on the area as my GP requested an ECG for me and I was seen by consultant and given the all clear within a month. Consultant booked me in for full MOT on heart with me all wired up on the treadmill to give the heart a good workout and all ok , that was within 6 weeks of first visit to consultant.
  6. Think it went to the SMO towards the end of February, was told to ring AFCO again by end of March if I still hadn't heard anything, I did and there was still no more news so been told to just keep waiting
  7. Thanks. It must be a bit of bad luck with me. I had my first ECG done by a Technician at my GP surgery which took two appointment attempts after turning up for an appointment which wasn't actually booked in, then not only that, said ECG was then sent to a civilian Specialist who said it was a bad one and I should get another one done. Slightly worrying I requested my second ECG to be done at hospital given the Technician at the GP clearly couldn't perform one, all that has taken 6 months and still awaiting a Report about my ECG. I have no idea of any results, whether it's normal or not! Have been fitting in about 20k a week of running for 8+ months so I think I would know by now if my ticker wasn't up to much, it best be alright, I just bought new trainers!!

    Ok thanks, just trying to figure out how much more of a wait I could have. I've been phoning my GP weekly to see if my final Report has come through. I now know everyone manning the phones

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