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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kal_Stu, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. Ok so I will admit I have been a twat in the past but I still consider this the best place for advice (except CO).. Anyways I was just wondering what the best way of going about to become a medic for the Marines, apply as a marine and then go for medic that way or apply as MA in the navy and then go for medic in the marines (if that is possible? Am sure it is) any advice would be much AppreCiated...

    P.s If you don't want to giv advice I don't really blame you as I said before I was a twat and I am sorry for that...

    P.s.s sorry about the spelling mistakes and grammar I am trying to improve it.
  2. Join the Marines. Simple answer from what I can tell from the careers bumf on the RN/RM website. Await NS or someone in the know for knowledgeable and tactful answer. Your grammar has greatly improved by the way
  3. Join the marines for a start, do some time as GD, then you will get to hear about all the jobs. If you still feel you want to be a MA put a request in.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It depends what is considered the priority, Medic or Commando. Both can be achieved through either route but there's a risk involved either way.

    RN Medical Assistants can serve operationally within 3 Commando, having not necessarily undergone All Arms Commando course[AACC]. (Google: 'Kate Nesbitt MC' for further detail). When you leave the service you'll have a trade, however waiting times are around two years to join. If you fail AACC, you're still a Medical assistant able to serve in 3 Cdo.

    Royal Marine Commandos have about a two to three month wait to join having passed all elements of selection, but the average applicant takes about 8 months to pass through the selection process. The drop-out rate of Royal Marines is a significant consideration due to the extreme rigours of Recruit Training and if fitness isn't already an integral part of your life, forget it because there's no guarantee you will be able to specialise as a RM Medical Assistant after a couple of years service as a General Duties Marine. If you fail RM Recruit Training, you're a civilian.
  5. So the better Option Would be go in as MA and then apply to do the AACC that way if I fail as you say you still have a career as MA for the navy. Ok thank you, is there anywhere I can go on the web to find out more about the AACC?

    Also what is the sort of pass rate for AACC?
  6. your quite right thinking to far ahead but it is always good to know what you want than just going unsure of it surly?
  7. Is it just the excitement you want?

    Ask the AFCO about STC branch?
  8. sorry don't mean to sound dumb it anything but what is STC I have never heard of that?
  10. Not a branch but a sub specialisation. Takes an extremely dedicated type of person to qualify, I failed at the first hurdle by not getting my request form signed by ALL the relevant departments. :oops:
  11. sounds quite the job,, but medic sounds more appealing and more achieveable than something like STC
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Lightweight. Set your goals higher - you'll feel better about yourself... 8O
  13. You mean you dont fancy wrestling naked with enraged sea monsters for the last rolo? or Taking on entire hordes of hostile pirates with only a Spork?


  14. Man up FFS!!! :?

    Lifting scabs? issuing tablets? checking jacks dose sample?
  15. My advice is join the navy as a Medical Assistant, once you start your MA training, tell who ever is in charge of you, that you wish to become a Medic with the Royal Marines. You will probably get drafted to a RM unit on completion of you training. Once you join this unit you will be given every opportunity to get fit for the AACC. Nearly every RN Medics I met stayed with RM units for all there time in the RN.
  16. just being realistic,, and what's wrong with being an MA
  17. .....whatever turns you on - and MAs get the chance to turn peeps off, too. 8O
  18. So is it possible to stay with a RM unit/s your whole career if you go in as a MA or would you have to join up as a RM in orde to server with them permently?
  19. The previous posters have answered that question. Read them again. :roll:

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