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War Hero
One thing for him to bear in mind, all armed forces believe in training so if he did not fancy any more school work he will be in for a surprise. If you want to join do the basics then just do your job this will just about be ok, I think these days if you are not progressing there is only so many years you can do, but any form of career progression always means back to school in one form or another.


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From what I've read, warfare officer phase 2 (I''m assuming warfare) is a lot of academic type learning, and I guess all other branches would have a lot too - so he couldn't escape learning by going for officer.


War Hero
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I actually knocked back being an Artificer Apprentice when I was 16 and found out it was basically going back to school. Went back up the office - they were short of Seaman recruits that week.........

23 years later left as a Chief Artificer..........

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