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If there is anyone in your unit from the Influence Cadre (IO or MOS) then have a conversation with them. MOS have a competency based board to attend. Training is at the joint school, RAF Halton I think.
Thanks for your help I haven't been back to my unit for a while as I was actually in the process of leaving due to not being able to find a trade that I'm suited to at the moment in terms of being a suitable fit, in the interests of the navy and my own circumstances but then heard about this branch, for info I already have a background in the media as I'm a published photo journalist/travel writer for a leading magazine. Also have worked in a management capacity for one of the big TV networks and have an academic foundation in media prior to all this. Also multi lingual so would like to add some value with this in mind. Is there anyone in that branch I can pm for some specific queries?


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Question no 1: Are you commisioned, as its an Officer-Only branch?

Can offer some assistance, but am not a Guru, dont let the avtar mis-lead you!!
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