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Pompey News: "Victorious Festival is ready to rock"

‘Let’s give Portsmouth a festival!’
Those were the words spoken by Andy Marsh, Ben Miles and James Ralls, who between them run Osborne Road pub eaterie the Belle Isle, its little sister in Chichester, and the Little Johnny Russell’s music bar at the top of Albert Road. This time last year they were gearing up to help out with the Victorious Vintage event, which saw around 40,000 people turn up for a free gig at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard. But this year they’re doing something even more special with the Victorious Festival in August.

‘We had bands playing on a stage next to HMS Victory,’ says Andy, while sipping coffee in the Belle Isle.
‘They all thought it was an awesome place to be. We love music, and we thought let’s give Portsmouth a festival, with the idea to get as many local businesses and as many local bands involved as possible.’
will there be a barbecue x

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