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SJRM_RN posted this on another thread. It would seem that the reason for his absence on this site is because he (and others) are getting a bit fed up of all the one line news posts. He said he made a suggestion about this before;

My suggestion was that there should be one news thread that is posted into once a day, much like the Media Items of Naval Interest (MINI) on the Defence Intranet, for those that read it. This way there would be just one post per day with all items of 'interest' so that the post count on Last 50 isn't massive and you have a one-stop-shop that is easily accessed.
Which prompted the following from Blobbs;

Isn't the flaw with a MINI thread that should people want to comment/take the piss no one will know what subject you're talking about if the thread contains 10 different news items?
Which led to this reply;

True, but it isn't too difficult, if someone does want to comment, to then take that link and start a new thread if they wish (not every news item gets comment every day). The alternative is that the poster posts the link and a smal description of the item (as is 'normal' forum etiquette) rather than just a meaningless link, this way people could reply to the item in the MINI thread in the style of ...

"In respect to the story about the Booty dressing as a woman, I think that ... blah, blah, blah"

It wouldn't matter if the thread were populated with all of these 'news' stories once a day, say at around 1500 (or another convenient time).
To be honest, he makes a fair point. I know this site has many various topics, but if major contributors like this are being put off the site, shouldn't we try to do something? I believe we should have news and that, but maybe it can be contained into the one thread. What do other people think?


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Yes. I think I kind of agreed with Jimbo's original suggestion IIRC. His expansion above, that posters should include a brief summary of the content of the link makes perfect sense too.


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I must admit I do get the hump with the same stories being posted by Mod_RSS and a few other posters, I can see the merit in having one thread in a serious forum and one in a piss take zone but unfortunately that's not how they get posted.

Perhaps members could try logging on differently... last 50/new posts/forums etc and see if one of those formats suits them better by not containing as much repetitive news stories?

...... And before anyone says "check if it's been posted before" the biggest culprit of posting something already covered is Mod-RSS, it cant keep up with the news guru's on here.


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Stix. The whole point of the thread is to get people to air their views on the subject you have raised. In any event, i've put it in site issues so the CO's can see it. Hopefully, we can sort something out. I can't promise a damn thing, i can only but try.
It's got to be worth trying, especially considering the number of MoD News threads that have 0 replies clogging up the Last 50 page.


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Part of an answer I gave to a poster who questioned WTF the Foreign Office has to do with the RN.

I suspect that the MoD's 'spam' is actually well intentioned. A way to further the education and awareness across the spectrum of Defence and Foreign Policy blah blah of the naval community, including the yet to join, the long gone uckers kings and the JSCSC thrusters. Make warrior/scholars of us all.

Good luck with that.
Too few posters have much interest in how the world works and impacts on Defence ( which is a shame) unless it puts the price of rum up or lets women command ships.
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Its all something to read, a lot is informative, and not like some of the crap that appears from time to time. Have to agree with Seadog, a lot show little interest on what goes on around them. Sign of the times.
Sorry for being a bit slow on getting aboard this (see what I did there!) but I've now disabled the MoD_RSS feed. Hopefully this will improve things?
Maybe a form of library listing for those one line news thingies where no responses can be made, then duplicated into the main forum for the responses, piss taking, abuse and crayoning etc. Thus one can read the articles them go comment on them if one feels the need to.
As always, apologies for the delay. Unfortunately the suggestion to create a daily 'MoD_RSS' thread isn't one that we can easily achieve. It would require manual intervention by the moderators to merge the multiple threads created by 'MoD_RSS' into a daily one. This would rapidly become a major pain in the ARRSE.....


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What if a sticky entitled MINI was put in current affairs? Posters could be encouraged to place all that stuff in there. If seen somewhere else, surely a MOD could move it? That sound ok?

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