Media going overboard on unemployment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. Now I'm going outside shortly and despite initial trepidation about the current climate have been shocked at quite how many vacancies are out there across all sectors. Close friends who have also left recently have been bombarded with interviews and job offers also. So exactly what is the purpose of the media's obsession with an apparent jobs crisis? Apparently there is nearly 2 million out of work, if you do a little research this is only the worst since 1997. It is clear that unskilled work such as high street retail and production / factory work is suffering but elsewhere? It's bollocks. So why the scaremongering by the BBC especially?

    Has anybody else been surprised by the amount of vacancies there really is when you look?
  2. Tell that to jag workers . honda ...vauxhall...etc...Real world....
  3. It is clear that unskilled work such as high street retail and production / factory work is suffering but elsewhere?

    Read my post. There are areas suffering but it's not across the board and a crisis like the BBC reports, in HR, The Public Sector, Sales, Engineering, Education etc there are jobs galore.

  4. Smell the coffee ....on the cold wind blowing in 'civvyland'....good luck
  5. So you think building a car is unskilled?..Plenty of jobs in Burger king.
  6. Montigny_La_Palisse I dont know you, but I have the feeling that if I did, I'd think you were a cock!!
  7. you obviously didn't spot the "/" in my previous. If you believe there are no jobs, then a quick search of Jobs North West and Jobs North East show on average 1500 positions each, these aren't even the biggest advertisers and that figure has remained steady for the 10 months I've been monitoring it.
  8. Chances are you do know me then. Anyway back in your box you fcuking sprog, I'm trying to get a rise out of the grown ups.
  9. Just my (barely grown up...) opinion, but its the same as always. People who can do maths, science or engineering, in short supply and getting shorter. Hence why our universities prop themselves up by letting the worlds rich kids in, and as they don't drink and have to pass or their parents will have them flogged, they keep the results nice and positive.
    Maths not popular among British kids as its "a bit hard". Management school grads are buy one get 5 free. Plus there's the ever popular catch 22, no experience, cant get a job, no job, cant get experience. Who the hell wants to pay to train anyone these days, they only leave for a better job.....

    So, yes, I reckon if you have the skillset, there is still work. But of course the press and media are tailored to the masses. Just compare the sorts of offers you get via White Ensign channels, Troops to task etc, to the stuff you see at the job seekers signing parade. If I want someone via ex-forces network, he shows up to interview at least 5 mins early (having had), wearing shoes, shirt and tie, copies of CV for me, emailed and printed, speaks clearly, looks me in the eye, isn't afraid to tell me what he can and cannot do, and will work variable hours and locations if and when required to. Once you see a few civvies at interview, you'll understand why you're so popular. I remember being at one, with a lad in tracky bottoms and a Man U top, another with stubble and a black eye, another smoking weed outside the front door to the interview, and the other pipes us on his application form "ow many of me convictions do I 'ave to put if there's not space of the form?..."
  10. You are speaking from a situation where you are unaffected by the current situation.
    Yes there are jobs but every job including non skilled jobs have more applicants than vacancies.
    The government figures are not real and are laughably low, did you know that anyone over the age of 60 not claiming job seekers allowance is not included in the unemployment figures? There are thou sans like me who because of their Navy pension are excluded from job seekers allowance so therefore according to the government are not unemployed.
    I am a fully skilled electrical/electronics engineer with an HNC, however over 60 and the jobs on offer to you are minim wage jobs paying just over £5.00 an hour. If you take the job you then pay NI contributions and income tax on every pound earned as your free pay has been negated by your navy pension. So you end up working for about £4 per hour less any expenses incurred getting to work.

    Yes there are jobs out there but many remain better off on benefits so will never work. Do I blame them for this? No I blame successive governments who through the benefits system have discouraged too many from working. Benefits should be less than the minimum wage, TOTAL.
    In cases of real need food and clothing stamps should be issued and the rent paid directly to the houe owner.
    Beer coupons, LCD TV vouchers and Holiday vouchers i.e. real money would only exist in the job seekers allowance.
  11. MLP - good luck on your job hunting. Only point I'll make is that until you actually are successful in securing a well paid, satisfying role in civvy street you might find it's not as easy as you assume - the numbers of vacancies across any sector is largely academic, some of those jobs you may not want to do, may not have any career prospects, or may just be leaving one institionalised life into another and in that case, it'd have made more sense to stay in the mob. I've been out of the mob since 1980, and have been in continued employment since that time - (in actual fact only 3 companies) and been through a number of recessions. I've been with my current employer for 15 years and would say that I'm in a senior position with global responsiblity and I can confirm (though yes, the press do sensationalise) that we are in a recession and that job reductions are being planned across the piece due to the requirement to keep profit margins at the levels the investors want. This invariably means cut back on recruitment and sadly the reviewing of existing headcount resulting in good people being made redundant due to circumstances. I agree with Ships-Cat, having a forces background does stand you in good stead when coming into the recruitment market but it has to be balanced with the understanding that not all civvies are nobs - some of them, particularly if you are interviewing for senior or management roles are as competent and qualified as they need to be. Anyways, good luck to you on your job hunting.
  12. It is a question of knowing where to look, and knowing how to market yourself effectively; understand your skills and what you can bring to the business. Where ex-service frequently have difficulty it is in understanding the financial side of things, and actually driving value out of the money that one has available. However there are a couple of good resettlement courses that help to at least understand the language of the balance sheet.

    From a recruitment perspective, there are plenty of opportunities, but there is also a dearth of good candidates. Quite a lot of people have become stovepiped and can't communicate where their skills are applicable outside that stovepipe.

    Ships Cat mentions some of the issues that do make a difference, but they only count once you have the interview, and they won't win you the job, just put you in a slightly stronger position to do so.

    The media are tending to concentrate on the headline figures, but the reality is far more complex. A lot of the jobs that are disappearing are in low skill areas, although that's balanced by an outflow of low cost migrant workers, but many are higher skilled. Each failure we hear about has knock on effects down the supply chain.

    So it's not as bad as the media are suggesting, but things are far from good.
  13. Karma, that is exactly what I was trying to say, however you've put it far better than I could. I have the misfortune to have to listen to Radio 1 at work and at every News Bulletin we are told that it's impossible to get a job or change career. It's hardly encouraging those people who aren't particularly driven or motivated to look for work is it?
  14. In my very humble opinion Monty i would say that the media have been screaming for a recession since the economic downturn started. In the midlands where i unfortunately live jaguar, JCB, wedgewood and loads of other well known brands are in the shit but i dont really think beaming this bad news into our front room every night helps project a balanced account of what is going on in this country as a whole.

    Just a thought and good luck outside
  15. why are you assumeing that the working class masses of this country are gonna turn up wearing a track suit, smelling of cider and stoned??? you dont need to have been in the forces to pocess a brain you clown!! i've never been in any of the armed services and I am not at all academic, but I know how to present myself as do most people I know. if you spoke about any other section of socieity like that eg: blacks, gays or women you'd no doubt end up in court!!! as long as people like you keep telling white working class boys they are useless there will no doubt be some who act useless!!!
  16. Which was my point about the BBC, especially radio one, telling their target demographic that it's impossible to get a job. As I've said, for those without a huge amount of drive this will only serve to dissuade them even further.

    And re-read your post "pocess a brain you clown?" You're not wrong when you say you're not academic......
  17. Because most of the working class masses of this country will turn up in track suits and smell of cider or be stoned because they are not interested in getting a job especially if they can get money for doing feck all from the govt.

    And yes you are right, you don't have to have served in the services to own a brain but we in the service are brought up to be respectful and to turn up at the right time and in the right rig smart as a guardsvan.
  18. Dealing with those highlighted is an average day at work for me. Just because we come from that background it doesn't mean we have to adopt the same lifestyle!!
  19. Im not assuming it, I observed it first hand. I am working class also but can manage to operate a bar of soap. It seems not everyone can. To add balance, toffs are just as likely (if not more) to be dressed like tramps.

    Id have thought being in the forces was evidence to the contrary (e.g. heres a small amount of money, go to Afghanistan with some inadequate equipment and do what you can, and do try not to get killed)

    Then most people you know are above average. Wait until you have been in the workforce a while, or interviewed people for jobs, or been at a jobcentre in an inner city to see where you stand. The rate of adult illiteracy is climbing, and the advent of computers and mobile textspeak has many school leavers unable to write a letter (by that I mean in an accepted format), compose a CV or use spellcheck. Add to that the physical presentation of oneself and voila, you see what I saw.

    If you read a bit more you might understand the difference between libel, slander, and observation. Critical appreciation used to be a taught skill in English, shows you how to read a paper and extract the facts. Lawyers do it all the time.

    "People like you", now who is making assumptions? People are not acting useless because they are told they are, they don't know any better because they examples they have to decide their own memes and how they will live are just like them. So if your parents sent you to school, made sure you dressed well with what money they had, and made sure you got good grades and are polite, then you are one of the lucky ones.
  20. The concept of negative reinforcement is well documented, but then the personality types of the individual shape how they receive such. The alternative of happy clappy news where everything is great is also well studied, ever listened to the Moscow broadcasts of how grain production was up while Voice of America highlighted the bread queues? Both propaganda, but which are people more likely to receive?

    I suppose what you are asking for is balance or a fair reflection of the situation, but again, you have to ask if you are not only the target demographic, but if you are taking it on balance. If all that you read and hear reinforces the view then I suppose you have your answer.

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