Media coverage of missing Madeleine prompts doubts

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Once again carefull manipulation of the numbers game, yes 800 under 18s have are not at home, how many of these have been physically abducted and how many have decided to go to get away from abusive/drunk/druggy parents. I would with respect Slim suggest that without the seachlight of publicity it is highly unlikely that this young girl will ever be found, andequally the perpetrators found. If these evil people succeed this time what are the chances of them repeating the game again and again.

    Equally I note the organisation quoted uses the age 18 when in reality at 16 kids are legally independant and don't have to live at home. How many of the 800 fall into that category. Methinks this organisation is trying to exercise it's own agenda at the expense of Maddy's parents.
  2. Its own agenda being the safe return of lost children?
    Whats wrong with that? These so-called "parents" that have abandoned all three of their children should be strung up themselves in my opinion.
    Bloody disgrace! What on earth makes them so special when others are going through the same thing?
  3. But are they lost that don't want to be found?

    As for the culpability of Maddy's parents we covered that earlier, and any way even if it was all their fault does that justify the abductor, or us not trying to find the girl, or denying the remaining children their parents.
  4. Maxi
    I posted the article because I thought that it gave an even handed view of the media's thoughts. I thought it made extremely interesting reading. However it is now three weeks since the incident occurred and I don't believe that the media coverage is achieving anything now. Lets hope the child is found safe but unfortunately statistically the longer she is missing the less likely this will be.
  5. Not at all Maxi, the culprit here has yet to be found. But why should one lost child take president over another?
    As for the parents, yes it may have been covered earlier, does that mean its over and done with? No it doesn't. They don't seem very ashamed to me, yet they should be!
  6. The NSPCC has, since its inception, treated all those up and including the age of 16 years old, as children.

    Had the parents, who as professionals really ought to have known better, not abandoned their daughter for their own social leisure, then she would never have gone missing. I share the view that the parents appear to be abnormally guiltless. I could add some statistical observations about abductors, child abusers, etc, but I shall leave my criminology cap off in this instance.

    PS: When I was 16 I was definately as adult as I was ever going to be. (No snyde comments please! :twisted: )
  7. I think in general abduction cases do hit the prime time headlines and stay there too, especially if some of the personalities involved are media savvy and know just how to manipulate the manipulators. As I said most if not all of the 800 missing mentioned in the article are missing voluntarily, many will by now have run out of sweety money and gone home or been picked up.
  8. Why at 2300hrs do we have in the UK young hip high kids roaming the streets. Because the parents are useless shite!!!
  9. tell that to the parents of those that are missing mate, they be really happy you called to say that johnny/jilly hasn't been abducted but has gone on a famous five" style adventure for some jolly japes and not to worry yourself about it!

  10. Though generally in agreement with you Peter, I reckon that of the 800 those still missing not of there own accord will possibly be in double figures.
  11. I just smell a rat with this one; all this mass concern, the Lady Diana syndrome.
    A four year old left alone in a strange flat?
    I'm an optimistic sort of chap but not with all this especially now the money has started to flow.
    As others have said the longer it goes on the less likely a happy outcome, but mmmm! Something smells wrong.
  12. Strange as I may seem to you one of my lads did go walk about, so I do know, yes we found him after 48 hours but it was not a good time. It is still different to abduction, in our case the police were not in the slightest interested, he was over 16, whilst if he had been abducted they would have pulled out all the stops.

    When the two girls at Soham went missing all the stops were pulled to find them, and they were left home alone. When the girl was snatched from the bath because her mother had answered the phone they mobilised everything they had, but when a teenager packs there bags and goes then they do take a less agressive attitude. Equally I suspect you will find many of the 800 missing are over 16 and allowed by law to go missing.
  13. Slim, I ain’t got no worries with you but have some respect for that poor girl and her family will you!!!
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Terrible though it is, but surely the lesson has been learned - how many parents are now reconsidering leaving their kids unattended? Mind you, we thought that after the Jamie Bulger incident... :roll:
  15. I am sure Slim has but he was as ever eliciting debate.
  16. Please point out to me Jenny where I have shown any disrespect for the child. I have stated on more than one occasion that I wish to see here returned safely. I have also stated in other forums that in my opinion the parents are not guilty of abuse, but that they made an error of judgement.
  17. When my dad was 18 he had a row with his parents and disappeared for a few months. When he returned he appeared at their door in his smart, new RAF uniform! :lol: After that he used to go home at weekends and mummy did his dhobeying and ironing for him. :roll: :evil:
  18. Time will tell. I have a feeling (donning my criminologist headgear) that the perpetrator, if caught, will be someone known to the abductee, which is often the case. I hope I'm wrong!
  19. Just by discussing this topic they way you have, debating wise, is showing disrespect. Thought after your 'attention seeking - should I keep posting or not', giving you a hint to this type of thing :roll:

    I'ma p*ssed off mother-to-be who is about to have a wisdom tooth pulled out and shoot, watch and shoot :twisted:

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