Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Maybe the wrong forum but after serving ten years in the Andrew as a Seaman Gunner GA2 I saw no action,well war type of action so,I received no medals and if I didn't win them I don't deserve them.
    I now notice in the paper that you can apply for a National Service Medal inscribed "For Crown and Country"
    If you served in the NS for two years you can wear one!
    Now am I going to be the only wimp in this years Remembrance Day parade without a sign that I've served whilst a NS man can walk proud after serving 18 months or two years?
    These medals have got out of hand Prince Edward wore four at Phils birthday party parade!
    I just wondered who comes up with these type of decorations.
    I just missed Suez so if some NS men served there then they can wear that medal but this seems a bit of a Yankee type of route we are going down.
    I re-iterate if I had served in a conflict zone then I would be proud to wear a medal,but not this type just for serving a couple of years.
    I may be wrong but I don't agree with it
  2. Must be an unofficial commercial commemorative medal as far as I'm aware. See details about a prospective official National Service Medal on the Veterans UK website here:
  3. My Dear Seafarer,
    weep not , I have quite a few decent gongs,
    However thay are worth Jack shit in civvy street.
    The grand chilren love to wear them at the Anzac parades , Mine, my fathers and Grandpas.
    They are only case labels you know,where you have been etal
    Only good for Sunday Divisions and church parades
    And impressing the delightful young ladies of the south coast
    Yes Matee we all love the Blue and Gold and the Flash of ribbons on ones chest,
    but at the end of the day. Get a firm grip on yourself,Real medals do not come easey.
    God Bless old chap
  4. The National Service Medal is a recently issued unofficial commemorative medal sponsored by the RBL.
    The medal is issued to purchasers who served as National Service Conscripts for the United Kingdom between 1939 and 1960. Some of the proceeds from sale of the medals goes to the RBL Poppy Appeal. The medal costs £34.50p.

    Edited to add LINK: National Service Medal | Application for UK Commemorative Medal

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  5. If you have to pay for a medal then it aint worth wearing
  6. Cheers for the replies,Admiral I won't weep because apart from trying to heave the Aussies out of the Singapore club when I was Shore Patrol,I saw no action and don't deserve a medal.
    I'll try and hide behind the real heroes when the March commences in November,it ain't the March it's all the wets in the bar afterwards when I'm surrounded by clinking medals and my bare coat stands out.
    Can I have some of yours? I can spin a good tale and show some war wounds! I think they were boils really but you know what I mean!
    Just a minute! on the Ocean just joining up we were paraded on the Flight deck and down came the arms in address and the Welsh ****** on my left let his rifle come forward a bit and down went my hand on the bayonet and it came out the other side!Does that count? I have been bayoneted technically I surely deserve something!
  7. You are entitled to the Veteran's Badge seafarer - I would say a worthwhile indication of your service.

    HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge - UK's #1 Community: Navy, Marines, Army, RAF
  8. I totally agree. But a Hurt Certificate is likely to get soggy in inclement weather
  9. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I do worry about the desperation of some people to buy fake medals. Many people served their country honourably during the Cold War, standing ready to do a job that if carried out would have meant no post war society or civilisation, let alone a medal. There is no shame in not having a medal - you dont pick and chose what drafts you get, and very few in the cold war were medal qualifying drafts. Your service to Queen and Country is what matters and no one can take that away from you.

    (But hey, I've got 3 medals including 2 OSMs, so I can afford to be in a position of offering sanctimonious homilies :p)
  10. Just wear a pussers tie and a veterans badge. I have more respect for someone with no gongs and doesnt care than someone who wears fake ones.

    Medals just mean shit drafting. Especially mine.

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  11. Talking of which, how's Oggie Land going?
  12. A bit throbbing but not that bad. Shit accom and shit scran though.

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  13. You haven't tasted what I produce as lunch for the Strimmer :)

    Remember, drafts aren't for life ... they can just seem like it at times.
  14. Amen to that Slim.
  15. I'm just farting about 'cos I'm bored I really have no interest in wearing medals that are not won excepting the Long Service and those associated with the Mob.
    Part of me is sad I never had the chance to show how good a gunner I was on the Bofors and the Vic's 3"[a far better weapon ]
    When the Falklands fired up I volunteered to help in any way down there even leaving a very well paid job but they said no,not needed.
    I was pissed off but I probably would have crapped myself and surrended at the first shot.
  16. __________________________________________________________________________



    "That was my brother Sylvest’ (What’s he got?)
    A row of forty medals on his chest (big chest!)
    etc etc.......

    When Capt. SM1 presented me with my only and lonely Pee Doo (in the seclusion of his office half a lifetime ago) he was in some disagreement as to the wearing of it as, IHO, 'it marked you out as an SD.'

    Bless him, but it hadn't occurred to him that my age did that already and anyway, it was something that I took some personal pride in being.

    GLs - Grrr.:evil: :wink:
  17. Bless you Seafarer 39,
    Well old mate for being brave enough to wade into a mob of Ozzie sailors at the fleet club it has to be worth a D.S.C. many have got it for much less, If you were in Singers during the right period there is a malasian medal , same for Borneo.
    Spent 6 months at H.M.S. Terror,probably the best months of my life, Never was detailed for shore patrol thank my viking gods,
    Matee put them up I think you are entitled.
    You will have to fight the Ozzie grand kids for the family gongs ,worth a bar to your D.F.C. If you get away with it, But let me tellya do not try it.
    They all love marching at the Anzac parades medals clinking, behind the white Ensign. and they all are big Ozzie kids even the little onces.
    Matee wear your blazer with you R.N. Badge neatly sown on, your Malasion medals plus a G.S.M. (general service medal)
    God Bless
    Uncle B
    Three sheets to the wind
    As allways
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dont get hung up with the old "real hero's having medals" shite. A blanket stacker can have the same gongs on his chest as a frontline combat veteran. Be proud of your service, you've done something that 99% of your avarage joes haven't. Whack a tie and a veterans badge on, march proudly, drink like a viking and shag your local RBL's chairmans daughter, you'll be a legend mate.

  19. How right you are WB, Jolly Jack can wear his CSM with Malay Peninsula clasp with pride for attaining a high standard of pissing up and bagging off in Singers.
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I was born in singers.......... dad?

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