I've just asked him why he is selling them, I hope he answers.
Personally I think its a very sad world if a Serviceman (ex or not) has to sell his medals :( although I do agree with Maxi.
I sold my medals to an unknown buyer when Ibought myself out in 1986 after 12 years. I included three photos (including the two in the Gallery which I posted under my old name of RM2PhD,) with my medals which increased the price somewhat. If I had known they were making 'An Ungentlemanly Act' I would have waited until that came out and included the Video or DVD since I'm played in that film by Richard Graham. I used the money I received to pay the fees for my Access course before going on to university. I've always wondered who bought them. I don't necessarily want them back but I'd like to meet the person who has them. Of course, since finding out about my daughter I do now have a few regrets about selling them. But that's life, I suppose.
My LSGC (presented 1968) has my ship's name in addition to my personal details. From PO Irving's description, his doesn't.
Is this now the norm? If so, does anyone know when the change was effected?

You beat me to that Whitemouse...was just going to post the same info!
There are a few sites around that deal with replacement medals..just Google "replacement medals".... :thumright:


War Hero
Don't think I'd sell mine, but then it's up to the individual & depends why. Mine, purely out of idle curiosity, have been valued by a dealer at "around £800", but to the next person they're not worth a carrot.

I knew the son of a local RN VC holder who's father sold his as he wanted his 3 children inherit equally & not go through the trouble of whether to sell or not.

You can of course obtain duplicates, engraved, that only you would probably know the difference from the originals.

When you think about it, doubtless someone, somewhere has made it a "nice little earner". How would you know whether you were buying originals?
Ninja_Stoker said:
HarryBosch said:
MoD will replace lost medals but they have 'R' stamped on them.
Good point Harry, but think you can get replicas from "reputable" companies without the "R".
Bigbury Mint/Toadhall Medals will replace and engrave, at a cost, but with 'Copy' stamped on them.


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