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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by bebob, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. I have just had medals made up for my 1's. Used a civilian tailor (mistake)and it looks like the ribbon is in the wrong place. Would anyone know where I could look to see the correct position for ribbon and medals please. Oh and when do you use court mounted instead of standard mount?
    Many thanks. :thumright:
  2. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Positions are, as you look at them, Gallantry/meritorious medals, then campaign medals latest gained to earliest, then LSGC Types and finally Golden jubilee. Get better advice though, I'm going off the 4 I have.

    Court mounted is normally for service at palace duties although the Army seem to do it as normal. An Army tailor did all mine and court mounted them and no one has objected, yet!
  3. Thanks WD, any advice on the vertical position? Sorry to sound like a numpty but mrs b will be directing the tailor and needs exact instructions.
    Wish I had gone to Baun now!

  4. Just for info I sent mine off to the Worcester Medal Co who did a very good job on court mounting my medals.
  5. Court mounting used to be the domain of Officers but not any more. Don't know WHEN the rules changed (or were relaxed) but there are quite a few ratings with court mounted medals these days.
    As for positioning of medals, surely the person taking your good money for the service knows where to put them and how they should look when worn?

    Edited to add:
    As you can see, mine are thrown together!
  6. Your LS&GC is farthest to the left (as you wear them).

    Although Percy always seemed to have their medals court mounted I had never seen Jack have theirs done that way until fairly recently. Over the last few years it seems to have become more popular for matelots to have them court mounted, whether or not there has been a change in regulations to permit it (for ratings at least). I went to see about changing mine from swing to court and was told that to have medals swing mounted they were done gratis, but a charge was made to have them made up court and the cost was not cheap. I declined to change them, and as I'm going outside time done in the not too distant future I sincerely doubt I'll be wearing them again anyway.

    I do think court mounted looks smarter and they won't clang together resulting in minor scratches and marks.
  7. I was told I had to start court mounting my medals when I got my 5th one. According to the tailoress at raleigh, once a medal bar reaches a certain size, they can no longer be swing mounted mounted. I've currently got 8, but I'm sufficiently broad of shoulder to have mine court mounted in one row. A lot of my skinnier admiralty chums ( and of course 'tarses) run out of room when they get their 3rd medal.
    I have never heard or seen a rule stipulating different mountings for grunters and ratings, and its only comparitively recently that matlows have actually started recieving campaign medals again. When I joined up, most of the old boys only had a LSGC. It must hae been quiet in the 70s
    I notice that submariners have started wearing the kissing kipper adqual badge with daily working rig. Is this an attempt to emulate the elmers?
    Thank god the Really Not Required will never have the problem of having to many medals, we'd never hear the last of it on RR.

    Is there any section of the readership of this site I have managed not to offend with this post?
  8. Possibly, but a highly commendable effort clanky.
  9. I have one and I've never worried about what order it's in :)
  10. Dito lol
  12. Biggest medal bar holds six medals in the swing mount position . However
    you can overlap them to get more on the bar. Theres stitching holes to let you do do it . Lot of vets have overlapping medals.
    As mentioned if you ain't got broad shoulders its a bit of a pain also the weight of the medals makes your jacket sag.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  13. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    "I've currently got 8, but I'm sufficiently broad of shoulder to have mine court mounted in one row." Do you go by the name of Sylvest? I have never seen such a spectacle!
  14. That would be very useful advice if only it wasn't completely wrong :thumright:

    (QGJM before LS&GC).
  15. I have noticed a pommie bloke down here who wears a ribbon bar starting with GSM/QSJM/SAM.

    That seems to me anyway the order that he recieved them in

    However Wave Doger says (latest) campaing medal is always first.

    What is the correct way? (for you mob?)

    Anyone who has served/serving in the ADF get the ADFM for service to the country...a bit like your HMAF Veteran's lapel badge...

    Not too many swing mounted down here (just the old vets) all services opt for the court mounted. even minitures.
  16. It is not the order in which you recieved them It is the order of what they are ie, vc dsm campaign lsgc ets .Court mount is mow and has been excepted for some time now .Some regiments used to give you an allowence to get it done dont know about thr mob . there should about a 5 mil or so of ribbon below the medal for serving personell .I have mine level as i am a veteran .The latest medal is not the first if you have more than one canpaign medal they go inorder from left to right as you look at the wearer
  17. Worchester Medals - if you use this company it will cost around £28 quid to have two medals mounted

    A top tip - do not send any ribbons (even if it was previously mounted) - I sent my veritas medal with its ribbon on with the new Iraq medal, when it came back the old ribbon looks very worn next to the brand new Iraq medal!
  18. The correct order is campaign medals in the order you earned them QGJM MSM LS&GC at the end - and yes I've got eight as well - feel like that feckin character from the Kenny Everet Show every time I get them out on Remembance Day.
  19. After Gallantry and national awards; campaign medals are worn in the order they are received. Assuming the SAM is the South Atlantic Medal the order given is incorrect, it would be either GSM, SAM QSJM or SAM, GSM, QSJM. This rule can result in people having the same medals mounted in different order (including UN & NATO awards). My personal preference is court mounted; although harder to clean they look neater.

    Edited to add what he just said above!

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