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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by LeTache88, May 15, 2010.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Got my careers presentation on Wednesday, I'm going to apply the same day aswell like alot of you did, apparently theres a pub nearby the luton AFCO :) I've been looking online for a list of medals you can get whilst in the RN and what you have to do to get them but I can't find anything other than world war 2 information, does anybody have any links or information on the subject? I just want to say that i'm not going to be chasing medals but obviously it would be amazing to get one, also how do you get medals, I mean to say what is the procedure? I can't imagine you have to apply for them lol

    any help would greatly appreciated as always

    cheers guys

  2. Be good for 15 years, do something really brave or go to war.


    I got LSGC, Queens Jubilee, Afghan OSM and ISAF medals.

    Sign of good drafting (Sea Dodging) me thinks!!!

    Whats the pub got to do with it, You inviting us all for a Beer in Lutonistan? :D
  3. cheers sol really good reading, Like joint force said, just got to be good for 15 years, do something brave or go to war :)
  4. Being good!? Not getting caught more like...
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  5. LSGC = 15 years of undetected crime :D
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  6. I got the bar to my LS&GC, 30 years of undetected crime :D
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  7. cruizmunro, if you are still serving in the RN in 2012/13 you may be awarded the " Queens Platinum Jubilee Medal" 60 years as Monarch.

    This is on condition the same regulations apply to the QPJM as applied to the qualification to receive the QGJM namely 5 years service.

    On the other hand if for some reason the Monarch was to die before that date, then a Kings Coronation Medal will probably be struck to commemorate Prince Charles becoming King.
  8. I just buy them off the internet and bimble around with those.

    It's easier to buy a fake VC, a sandy beret and adopt thousand yard stare than it is to earn the bloody things.
  9. Just remember that operational medals tend to be earned at a cost.
  10. Does yours have your own name engraved on it?

    It took a while for me to spot it after the ceremonial presentatation and swap with the bugger who had been presented with my medal! 8O
  11. Yep, and it's spelt correctly
  12. I'm not even in the RN yet, Bit gutted I'm going to miss out on that medal
  13. You're gutted about not having a medal which says "I was around at the time"; would you be as gutted if your friend was wearing a Tenerife souvenir T-shirt? Never seen the point of the QGJM et al.
  14. :D :thumbright:
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    There's plenty of bling on e-bay if your that desperate for some shiny stuff. Did you collect all the badges at Cubs as well?
  16. Go and get yourself killed doing some brave daring do, then get a VC unfortunately you get no bragging rights. Just do your job if you get in!! and see what happens otherwise don't be a knob. :blob6:
  17. Dear me, what a tool.
  18. rubbish... be on an aircraft carrier 500 miles from the action and you'll get loads
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