Medals, head gear and saluting Standards on parade?

Saluting odd things !!!
Whilst a Marshall at the Lord Mayors Show on Saturday, we had to salute a Rapier Battery being pullled by a truck !! This was odd enough. The very Senior Officer next to me said "I find it rather odd saluting an object that is inanimate...I quickly responded "I have been saluting inanimate objects for years sir" He was not amused but i was


Haven't been on here for a while. Just scrolled back and saw 2DD's comment about St Pauls the other week.

I was there and standing to attention. Being at the end of the row of President officers and ratings I regret I cannot confirm what was going on further down the row. I will however be having a serious word with the individuals involved.

Happy if you want to PM me with any more details 2DD.

When I was in, it was bandied about that sons of those awarded the VC were allowed to wear the medal on ceremonial occasions when medals were ordered to be worn. I didn't believe it though because I never once witnessed it happening. :wink:
As for who you had to salute, recruits UT were expected to salute their parents on their arrival at the men's place of training. I was royally bollocked by the jaunty when my folks arrived at Raleigh for my passing out parade and I was piped to the QM's lobby at the rush. I got there, reported to the MAA who took me to a room to see my parents. I walked in, didn't salute them, didn't know I had to or that I had to welcome them aboard addressing them as Sir and Ma'am. I spent the spare time I had left at Raleigh polishing the saluting gun at the main gate.

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