Medals- Getting just like the yanks

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by angry_mac, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. Back in 2008, I was onboard F85 when our team of intrepid booties slotted a dhow of drugged and drunken somali pirates. Now besides the excitement of initial contact, it was a tedious 3 days of waiting around while whitehall cleared the yardarms legally. Personally I didnt do a lot, not much a WE can do, cept keep his kit online(i.e. my job). Like everyone onboard just doing our job, yes in shit conditions (air con, tele, nice pit, decent scran) and they've issued us with a medal. Exactly the same as the former yugoslav medal except with an Africa bar. I think this is probably due to the fact that we were SNMG2 at the time. But I cant help feeling a bit of a fraud if I have to wear it.
  2. I feel seen off to fcuk now. Can I have one with a West Indies bar for this?
    I pointed a jimpy at someone and had to guard a smuggler.

  3. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Which one of those fine Jolly Jack Tars are you then - don't tell me it is the pie muncher in the middle at the back. :twisted:
  4. Second from left, back row.

    The fatty is the Joss.
  5. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I prefer you bald.
  6. That phot was taken 8 years ago, when I had hair and no tats.

    As you know I look like this now, unfortunately the tattoo artist got confused when I asked for tiger stripes in tribute to Kenny:
  7. So is it a nato medal? Is it approved for wearing? The nato one for afghanistan is not.
  8. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Medals are medals - some you dip in for, some you don't. I'm not even sure you can wear the piracy one actually (might be wrong though).

    On that note, what's the score with the NATO HERRICK medal - presumably you wear OSM, and just put the NATO one in the toilet, or can you wear both on your messkit?
  9. Prince William received a US 'Joint Services Achievement Medal' for role in a drugs bust while serving on HMS Iron Duke back in 2008.

    I have never seen him wear it in uniform, so I guess he has been given authority by his grandmum HM The Queen (on the advice of the HD committee) to receive this foreign US medal as a keepsake but not wear it.
  10. You lying gayer, its a sheer nylon cat suit a bit like mi......... 8O oh shit :oops:
  11. The Queen is his gran.

    His mum is dead remember? She faceplanted the dash of a Merc while noshing off Al Fayed's son.

    Do try and keep up.
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Win some, lose some. Anyway it is an article of uniform so wear it with pride. Next time when your ship does do something exciting you'll probably dip out, like all the Tawau guardships that did 28 days on the job when the qualifier was 30.
  13. Yes you wearthe OSM then sell the nato one on ebay. People will tell you that you can wear both on your mess kit but these people are liars lol.
  14. Methinks, flagship of SNMG2 at the time was an Italian and as we were officially SNMG2 but attached to CTF (ukmcc) the italian admiral probably thought this would look like Nato's takedown not an RN one. Therefore action ocurred by a nato TG of which he was the head, therefore he gets himself a nice NATO medal although he was 1000 miles away pissing about off Mombers, and all the command decisions onboard were made in true Nelson tradition.
  15. Can I have one for Beira Patrol and one for the Cod War then? :oops:
  16. Can I have one for the Vietnam war :?: .
  17. Can I have one for the Cold War?
  18. But we were never there,were we? 8O
  19. After a close-up skeg 'up north' I sez to the Nav 'So what about that Three-Mile-Limit then?

    Sez he, winking whilst furiously applying his rubber to our plotted track, 'what limit was that?'

    Before I discovered Smirnoff the term 'Racket Dangerous' only applied to the game of Squash. 8O
  20. What? I served in the "Matchmaker squadron in 67/68. This squadron was set up with the intention of killing it's members by cold.
    In rotation the ships of the squadron visited the home ports of all its members.
    The hottest one on the list was London friggin Derry, so you can imagine the fcukin state of the others addresses'
    Canada's contribution was Nova bastard Scotia, and we visited at the time of year the polar bears were going south for some "rays".
    I swear the French left NATO in '66 as they knew this squadron was being formed. 8O :roll:

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