Medals at funeral?

Discussion in 'UPO' started by shellbackmac, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. Wearing no1s at funeral tomorrow - do you wear medals or not? Never been to a funeral in rig hence the part 3 question!
  2. Rig ones I've been to, they were with medals.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Same here. Remembrance parades are certainly medals.

    Only funeral I didn't wear medals at was one were the senior officer present wasn't wearing any - I'm guessing his butler cocked-up.
  4. Cheers buddy - I was expecting someone to post 'ask the family what they would like' trouble is the last remaining member of said family is the one being buried. I thought it was a bit rude to even politely ask the question last week...!!!
  5. Wear them Mac, worst thing that could happen is that they are out of place then simply take them off and shove them in your pocket.

    For 2 family funerals (grandparents) I've been asked to wear rig and it's always been with medals
  6. Get the bling on, had em on when the old man died but then he did request it before he popped his clogs.
  7. Ninja may the senior officer did not have any and did not want to be out shone by you bling?

    I would say wear your medals, it is part of your no1 when on ceremony
  8. Cheers folks - a well attended ceremony in the unusually gorgeous Scottish sunshine for a fantastic woman who did her 22 years from 1953 -1975 and whose deceased husband had also competed his 22 in the Surface Fleet and the Submarine Flotilla. They then both spent the rest of their lives supporting the RNA, the Legion, the SOCA and many other non-service voluntary organisations not just in the UK but around the world. Cracking couple who were both WRNS, General Service, Submarines and armed forces to the core. Great to be there in rig as it was what both of them would have wanted and expected - and then we all got pished, spun dits and fell over!
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  9. The last bit as any SOCA member would expect

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