Medal Ribbons, Medal Bars on 3s

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by MasterChief, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. I noticed on the latest RN TV Show "Warship" on Channel 5 that the Commodore had medal ribbons on a bar on his threes white shirt pocket ??? is this something I missed, I also saw a phot of 1SL and his Flags wearing the same, have we turned American ??
  2. Not in any dress regs, SPB will confirm but it would seem a case of do as I say, not as I do.

    Only awards allowed on 3's AFAIK are Dolphins and Bomber badge.

    Edited to add it was a 3's shirt and not trop rig? I've not seen the programme.
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Maybe it was a load of pen lids and chinagraphs poking out of his top pocket... :oops:
  4. I've also noticed bods in the Embassy out here wearing their medal ribbons on No 3 shirts.
  5. Amusingly, this precise issue was debated by heads of fighting arm and their WOs about 18 months ago. Their collective decision (s/fast RM) was that it would be divisive to all concerned if they were worn in 3s. If you took out their QGJ medals, guess how medals they had between them.....

    I'm all for it, but then, I've got some operational medals*. A case could be made under 'all of one company' not to have them, but then you'd have to get rid of Dolphins, Wings and Para Wings to have any kind of consistency.

    *Which actually, is becoming a rarity, especially if you've been a T42 or CVS rating. With the GSM '62 going in '03, the TELIC Medal generally restricted to T23 (unless you have a rosette), many young lads are walking around with nothing. However, CTs, Naval Nurses and WAFUs seem to have been everywhere!
  6. Why? First kissing kippers, then gay bomber pins now medal ribbons? Just get your cocks out and be done with it.

    **** it, you should have your sea days on a rolling electronic tote above your starboard pocket too.
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  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Personally I think its a load of bollocks and adds nothing to the service. You might as well do away with number ones.
  8. I did ask if he's got mixed up between 3's and trop rig but no response.
  9. Once in the States, and well away from the 'real' RN, us SRs wore open necked, short sleeved white shirts with as many badges pinned on as was possible - just like the Elmers in fact. Made for lots of gizits for swapping.

    Plus with the white (or off whte!) shorts, well, as the lumpy fronts said - we were cute!
  10. You might have misheard them, what the lumpy fronts said probably had the same amount of letters and began with CU and had a T in it but I don't think it was cute. It's the accent dontcha know.
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  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    It looks Elmeresque wanky and it is surely wrong. Only ever seen officers doing it but the old man was at it too (foreign cocktail party). In fact (been mentioned by MLP) from where does the kissing kippers on short sleeve shirts get its legitimacy? What next, pilots' /observers' wings, commando daggers, on 3s, on 4s, overalls.....?

    It's called a 'uniform' because it is...'uniform'.
  12. rntm 112/08
  13. BR3 Part 6 says:

    3917. Submariner Badge

    The Submariner Badge consists of the QEII commissioning crown sited above two heraldic dolphins. The badge is of gilt and can be worn by all RN qualified submariner personnel as follows:

    a. Blue uniforms. On the left breast of the reefer jacket between the lapel and the shoulder, horizontal, level with the point of the lapel. The badge should sit 6mm above medal ribbons or medals. On the mess jacket, a miniature badge is worn on the left lapel, 25mm below the point of the lapel, 6mm above miniature medals.

    b. White tunics, bush jackets and khaki/stone coloured uniform. In accordance with Para 3915 c sub para 2:

    "White tunics, bush jackets and khaki/stone coloured uniform. Fixed with ‘pin and clutch’ attachment 38mm centrally above the left breast pocket. If medals or medal ribbons are worn, the badge is to be worn centrally above the medals or top row of ribbons. On the white mess jacket, miniature badges are worn centrally on the left lapel over miniature medals".

    c. No 3A uniform. A miniature badge, as worn on Mess Jackets, may be worn, horizontally, in a central position on the tie. The miniature badge is paid for at own expense.

    d. No 3B uniform. Fixed with a 'pin and clutch' attachment, horizontally, 38mm centrally above the left breast pocket.
  14. As we're on the subject, for the bomber queens the patrol pin regs (RNTM 074/10)


    12. The Royal Navy Deterrent Patrol Pin must always be worn in conjunction with the Submarine Badge (Dolphins) it is never to be worn on its own. Eligible personnel are authorised to wear the 62mm patrol pin with Blue Uniform, 1A, 1B & 1C and White Uniform 1AW, 1BW and 1CW. For Officers and Senior Rates the patrol pin is to be worn in the centre and at the top of the left breast pocket, positioned so that the top of the missile is just below the top of the pocket. For Junior Rates the Patrol Pin is to be worn 1cm below medals when wearing 1A/1B or 1AW/1BW with the “missile” element of the Patrol Pin positioned on the centre line of the Submarine Badge, when wearing 1C/1CW the Patrol Pin is to be worn 1cm below the medal ribbon. If no medals have been awarded, Junior Rates are to wear the Patrol Pin 2cm below and positioned on the centre line of the Submarine badge.

    13. Officers and Senior Rates are authorised to wear the 62mm Patrol Pin with 2C and 3B Dress and Junior Rates may display this award with 2C and 3A and 3B, when doing so the Patrol Pin is to be worn at the top of the left breat pocket, positioned so that the top of the missile is just below the top of the pocket.

    14. A miniature, 42mm, Patrol Pin may be worn with No 2 uniform (Mess Dress); it is to be worn 6mm below any miniature medal(s) or 6mm below the Submarine Badge positioned on the centre line of the submarine badge if no medals are worn. A miniature may also be worn on the tie when dressed in 3A uniform.

    15. The Patrol Pin is not to be worn with No4 uniform.
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    That noise is the sound of my neck being wound in reference dolphins on tropical shirts.
  16. Nah nah, nah na nah!!! So maybe it WAS cute!!!!!!

  17. Mmmmm,

    ?? Is that the same pocket where we once kept our copies of the latest Egyptian AFOs :study::

    ...Stab Stab! She crid; She was in Execeter and her bread came in short pans...

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