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Does anyone know the correct length of naval medal ribbons?

Am in discussion with a member of another service (Crab) and according to him all medal ribbons across all services should be the same length. I disagree, l feel RN medal ribbons are longer than the other 2 services. Anyone know where difinitive answer can be found

Ta in advance


War Hero
I think he (crab) is correct - never heard that ours were longer

wonder if you are confusing medals that are 'Court mounted' - the medals then have ribbons that fall to the back of and level with, the bottom of the medals


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Well who knew that - The medals need to be lined straight across the bottom of the stars and bottom of the rims. Typically ribbons are 33mm (1.25 in.) or for the Navy 45mm (1.75 in.) long, but this can be adjusted to ensure the medals are level across the bottom.

I wonder why

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