Medal Presentation

I just found out that my uncle who was a field medic in Basra was awarded a medal by Prince Andrew and was invited to Downing Street to meet Tony Blair last month.

I can't find any information about it using google and I was wondering if any of you guys could please point me in the right direction.
Sorry, got my head up my arse today:

CPO James Robinson, normally stationed in Plymouth but spends time in Gib and Basra.

If I remember correctly he is normally a microbiologist when he is in Plymouth.
letthecatoutofthebag said:
Erm... ask him about it. :thumright:

Medal presenations at Buckingham Palace are filmed/ photographed and, if what I have heard about Bliar is true, any chance of a PR oportunity at Number 10 brought out the photographers. No doubt any phtos taken are made available to those there at the time... Your uncle (and his chain of command) will be best placed to get them. No disrespect to your Uncle, but unless it was a VC I doubt it would have made national press. Why not try the MoD website - they normall cover awards to service personnel?
I can't; I think he has been deployed again and when he does communicate it's with his wife and dad (he isn't technically my uncle, he is my great uncle's son).

I will try the MOD web site though, I didn't think of that.

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