Medal of Honor

Well, in the best interests of rum ration gaming research (thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it! :p ) I have been playing the game most of this evenign and thought I'd give my thoughts and musings on it.

The single player (SP) campaign is great fun with an exciting if typically Yank story line which tears along at a right old pace. That said, its a little on the short side and was completed on the normal mode rather swiftly. Going to try the Tier One mode soon which introduces a time limit (ala Modern Warfare 2). The SP graphics are amazing and the scenery can at times be breathtaking.

I make the distinction because the SP element was made by Danger Close studios while the multiplayer (MP) was made by DICE, the studios responsible for Battlefield Bad Company 2. The MP is almost a carbon copy of Battlefield and has large maps allowing for widespread and at times quite tactical gameplay. Good fun for a lil while although the graphics aint as polished as the SP.

My main criticism of the game is relating to the MP and although it might not be a very clear way to describe just doesnt feel right, just doesnt totally do it for me and feels a bit of a let down.

All in all however its worth a try and Id give it a 7/10

(I aint written a game review before and such things arent my strong point but thought I should try and give a bit of an insight for anyone thinking of buying the game) :)


War Hero
Watched a couple of guys play it last night and the icons over the characters spoiled the 'feel' of the game for me.

As for would I buy it? Probably!!!!! :)


War Hero
I saw a review that called it a "runof the mill FPS" and i agree.Save your money for either COD Black Ops or Homefront.


War Hero
I personally think that the multiplayer is better than MW2, but the graphics are average. To be honest I was expecting alot more from EA games considering they developed Crysis which graphically blew every FPS out of the window but never mind Crysis 2 is out next year and PC gaming is back on top.
I just felt the problem lay with having two seperate studios handiling half the game each and you can see the difference in the final product. The MP was basically just a glitzed up BBFC2. Worth a go if you get the chance but I'm looking forward to Black Ops and seeing how the new currency gear system turns out

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