Medal Mounting?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by guterslohwire, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick question on medal mounting when i get down to raleigh in Jan ill need my medals mounting so im just wondering what the cost will be so i can take abit of extra cash to cover it
    ta in advance
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Assuming you are joining Raleigh to undergo phase one training & have medals from former service, there is an allowance that the Naval Tailor gets paid through the logistics uniform clothing organisation.

    Failing that you will need to get a quote direct from a Naval Tailor such as Jack Blair, Bernards, Gieves & Hawkes & suchlike - get a few quotes as some can be extremely expensive.
  3. Yes iam joining up in phase one just having a right mare trying to get my telic medal as the army kindly forgot to add it onto my service record before i left. Regarding my medals will i have to make it known that i have them when i get to Raleigh?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You need to take your Army "Red Book" to prove you have been awarded the medals so that you may wear them on your Naval uniform.
  5. had my pre join brief yesterday and they told me to take that plus my personal development file with all my army certificates and qualifications
  6. Hi,

    Just a word of warning. I went to raleigh in 2001, like you with my prev service medals from RAF (NI GSM etc) already mounted previously at personal expense I may add. When you get measured for your No1 uniform, you have to hand your medals to the Raleigh taylor. When you get your no1's back at end of 2 weeks you get medals back. But BEWARE -What they do is they take the mounting off without your consent, and they tell you that you don't have them mounted in the RN as a rating. My medals are now ruined with scratches etc. from where thaey have been clanking together, and I have not managed to get them re mounted.
  7. You have been able to have them "court mounted" for a while now mate, so it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. sorry, further, just to explain in case you were wondering about the "2 weeks", to get your No's 1, I am a Reservist. It may be longer for you as a reg.
  9. Sorry I meant "Court Mounted", RN dont like Ratings having medals court mounted. That is why Raliegh took them off, without my consent. I was fuming at the time, as you can imagine.
  10. I'm RN and have had mine "Court mounted" for ages now and haven't had any problems when wearing them.
  11. Hi Chaz,

    Yes definitely told in no uncertain terms, that as a "Rating" I shouldn't have my medals court mounted. Only Officers can do that in the RN. However, I'm going to get them re-done, I think it was just Raliegh that had the sad-on at the time. It was a few years ago, so I'm "Over it" now, but at the time I was most "Displeased".
  12. I'm an SNCO, I got mine done out in JSSU(Cyprus) which of course is primarily Army, as I said I've had no problems and in my opinion I think they're a lot lot smarter than just 'swinging' there!!
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Talking to my fellow RAF buddies, the same rules apply for the RAF & the RN with regard Court Mounted medals in that they may not be mounted until the individual has 3 or more, whether Other Rank/Rating or Officer.

    This has always been the case for the RAF & has been the case for RN Ratings since 2002.
  14. I was out in Cyprus also - 93 - 96 (With the RAF then). Agree Court Mounted a lot smarter.

    I take it you are a "Sparka"??
  15. I was unitl 92, now a CT
  16. Oh things must have changed with the RN then. I was at Raliegh in 2001. In that case considering above, I will definitely get mine remounted.

    Thanks for that Ninja_Stoker
  17. Your the man again NS. Thanks
  18. ...and yet I always thought them a bit non-Navy when court mounted; a tad pretentious, maybe. But then I'm just one man so what do I know?
  19. Ah, so you will recognise key words like "Keo", "Crazy Parrots £c5 all you can drink", "Barons Inn pub" etc etc.

    I'm CIS now, (old Comms Sea).


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