Medal for Op KIPION?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by shipscat, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. Any opinions or thoughts on why there is no medal for Op KIPION?

    There was a conversation at work a few weeks ago about the OSM's awarded for TELIC and HERRICK, but the lack of medals for the long-standing maritime equivalent of those operations... Does anyone know any reason why there is not a gong for KIPION, or perhaps why there should be?

    Obviously KIPION is nowhere near as pew pew as TELIC etc, but maybe the medal might well bring some awareness of the RN's role to joe public. Therefore not only would be a healthy reward for those serving, but it may well also reduce the UK's 'sea blindness' (look at the press coverage the Artic Star got,) and also to increase morale within the service...

  2. Lack of "risk and rigour", as defined by PJHQ, so will never happen.
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  3. We don't give out campaign medals as PR exercises*. Gongs for Kipion would be an embarrassment, we've had enough free gongs the last few years.

    *Valour on the other hand.....
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  4. Strikes me that Kipion is just the RN doing what they have done for decades.
    A medal for that would debase the system.
    Now for those matelots who have given Big Sylve a seeing to a medal should be approved.;)
  5. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    The moment you get a kipion gong, then every other commitment going will start to make similar arguments.

    While fully aware of the challenges in parts of the kipion area, it's not going to be seen as a op tour in many peoples eyes until rounds start coming down range.
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  6. I got a NATO Non Article 5 medal with the clasp 'AFRICA' for doing anti-piracy shite in 2008. Can't wear it, and it's stuffed in a drawer along with my other NON Article 5 medal that I can't wear (AFGHANISTAN).

    As has been said, a KIPION medal would just be giving a medal for something we've been doing since the days ARMILLA patrols began.
  7. To play devil's advocate....and yet if there is a lack of "risk and rigour" why are the MCMV's tooling up with higher calibre weapons? Can't have it both ways IMO.
  8. Still doesn't mean it's gnarly. The cod wars were more dangerous than Kipion.
  9. Why waste more money on it then if there is no risk? The state of play in the MOD atm means that if there wasn't a requirement to spend money on new equipment, then they wouldn't be getting their hands in their pockets...the only catch I can think of would be if it was another onerous contract that meant that these 'upgrades' were always in the pipeline?
  10. Upgrades happen during contingency planning. I wouldn't get excited.

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