med discharge then court case

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by corpen, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi I dont know if anyone will have come across this, I was medically discharged 50% and then won one of those no fee no win cases and got a payout from mod as a result they reduced my war pension by approx £200 a month, I have been told since that they shouldnt have done this, but try as I might I havent been able to find out what the score is with a case like this ??
  2. Oh. What is your question?
  3. Go back to your ambulance-chasing solicitors and ask them.
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  4. So you were well compensated but tried to take the ministry of defense for more money.
    Your war pension is tax free, taking a lump sum has changed your circumstances so your war pension has been re-assessed to reflect this change.
    You shit the bed lie in it:tool:
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sounds something like your money-grabbing solicitor effectively commuted part of your war pension into a cash lump sum, took his/her slice and left you the rest - if that's actually possible.

    For those who commute their service pension (AFPS75), you get a lump sum added to your terminal lump sum, then pay it back until age 55, at which point the pension supposedly goes "index-linked". They used to deduct the repayment from your wages which is illegal as you effectively pay tax twice, so now the repayment is made from the pension - if it's possible, maybe that's what's happened to your war pension.

    Best bet: Bin the crap solicitor and seek advice from the subject experts: Veterans-UK
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  6. Basically Guzz, the question discharged, got a war pension, wanted more so went to court, got compo but pension reduced so how can I screw even more dosh out of the system 'cos I'm a greedy self-indulgent twat and the January sales will be on soon.
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  7. Corpen, please wait until you reach hallowed ground of +3,000 posts before you dare to ask pertinent questions regarding the infallibility of the RN's pension schemes and your entitlement to what is legally yours. Or as Ninja pointed out contact the Veterans-UK who may not be so quick to judge.
  8. Greenhands on his two off.
  9. I'll bite, what does "greenhands on his two off" mean?
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  10. tiddlyoggy

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    "greenhands"- a superior gardener, as in, better than green fingers?????
  11. When I was still serving I was knocked of my pushbike on the way to work, I was compensated for injuries and replacement bike.

    Years later after I left the mob I was advised by British Legion to apply for a war pension, not for pushbike accident but for other issues, part of the mountain of paperwork they ask for any claims for any accidents and the details behind this.

    I was travelling to work when knocked off, and was claiming home to duties expenses the accident was classed as being duty at the time, so my war pension pay out was reduced by an amount each week, when I contacted the war pension people to ask what the reduction was for. As someone has correctly stated already the pay-out from the drivers insurance was classed as a sort of commutation against any possible war pension I may claim, so if the OP had a lump sum against any injury or claim which is part of your war pension claim, you cannot do a double dip into the war pension bucket, so being docked some amount is correct how much that is or should be you will need to discuss with war pensions or you could as the lawyer you had to chase and spend more of your pension? Not sure if the reduction is for ever or like normal commutation as an end date? I did not bother asking as I thought to have been awarded a WP in the first place was a bonus; I did not think I would get.
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    Afternoon Sumo, bit late checking in today aren't we?
  13. The internet police have stitched me up again, so I had better keep my head down for a while. Even though all my deliverable and deadlines are met in advance?
    It would appear its ok to talk footy or other sport in work time or arrange new tenants for your rental property but not go on the internet? So lunch time for me for a while.

    Sodding winging civies
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    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    You can also come on out of working hours!

  15. That’s a possibility but the internet police at home is more like the internet mafia, it’s OK for Mrs Sumo to spend hours on umputer shopping and finding lots of bargains she does not need, but if I sit there at the umputer for anything other than fixing it after she breaks it all I get is grief, along the line, you have worked away for the last 14 years and away with the mob before that and now all you want is to sit on the computer?
  16. I was just about to say the same thing! What with late home on Friday so no M&M ... anyone would think you had to do the "W" word for a living???? :laughing1:
  17. MG the late post for me any way on Friday was me at home, I did not even go to work Friday extended long weekend, this Friday as well, spent all day Friday shopping??? After taking her indoors to Derriford, if I had known that I would have stayed at work HaHaHa
    Today start office move, firstly to a nomad desk then over the weekend to my new desk, no I am not working over W/E, removals team onsite for the manual stuff, all I have to do is pack my desk into a box, then removals shift box chair etc. and IT ship PC and screen, 160 of us moving.
    Lunch today is Christmas lunch supplied by company with wine?
  18. Slim guess what your 100% WRONG #Helmet

    I would imagine thats not a shock as people who spout off about that of which they are unfamiliar are often wrong
  19. Another who is totally WRONG, mod messed up :)

    I take it you have envy issues ?
  20. Nice 1 Ian you sum it up so well :)

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