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Med Advice Needed - Application post wrist op


Hey Old Timers, (not that I'm calling you old Ninjastoker)

I used to be around here a year ago on my inital try for the navy..then when that went arrse up ...well... I left for a while..

I've been doing things in the meantime to ensure myself with a better chance of joining up next time around ...however..

I'm due to have an op on my wrist next month , plaster for 3 to 6 weeks and then intense physio afterwards to get use of my tendons again. (The issue in the first place being a sub-luxing tendon that likes to jump the bone in my wrist)

I vaguely remember when reading the documentation back then that there was a period of time before you were deemed medically fit to apply..or operations had implications in your application ...

The trade route I'm heading is AET ...chock head ...and nothing against chock heads is not an option really...

To those who may vaguely remember me...hey again!



War Hero
Welcome back & good luck with the Recruiting Test this time around.

Haven't got a clue on the rehabilitation period which must elapse after a broken wrist before being passed fit to enter, but would imagine it's around 6 months post surgery. Best bet is ask "angrydoc" nicely & he'll maybe able to give a more definitive answer.

Failing that, the only guaranteed definitive medical advice can be given by your local AFCO Medical Examiner.

Hope all goes well this time around.
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