Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by hagbag17, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. hey everyone. at the moment im doing an apprentice in HGV Mechanics and i am in my second year just got 1 year left i am now semi skilled. recently my cousin has joined and this has made me interested in doin engineering technician marine. could anyone tell me anymore information

    regards hagbag
  2. :wink: Might be wrong :roll: but you must surely be by now with your quallifcations, a fully quallified stoker!! ME :roll: If you want to join the Andrew 8) 8)
  3. mate i dont understand you lol well i work for a DAF TRUCKS FRANCHISE and the business isnt to good at the mo. i want to get my qualifications and do something good in life mate lol
  4. I would advise you to stick with it for another year to become fully qualified. I take it that your company sends you to day release in order to obtain the required paper qualifications.
    However it is probably worth starting the process of joining now as in some cases it can take a year to get an entry date.

  5. yeah i am stickin to it because i like the job but i want to go some where. i go to college 2 weeks at time 14 weeks over 3 years down to the daf trucks academy. i need to build up my fitness up quite alot at the minite thanks anyway

    eagards hagbag
  6. What he is trying to say is if apply tomorrow the year it will take to get in you will have better quals than an AB stoker. Plus you might just get a bit peed off with the kind of work you will have to do.
  7. what is involved in engineer technician marine
    it doesnt really exp[lain on the navy site

    regards hagbag
  8. Lets just say get used to a lot of cleaning and taking readings of running machinary.
  9. i already do alot of cleaning of engines an stuff. what type of readings do you take

  10. Tyre pressures.

    Maybe not.
  11. pretty quick tht
  12. anybody else got anymore information for me thnks

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