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I practiced a lot of basic maths and physics, but I'd also recommend that you take a look at some basic technology. Once you have learnt some basic principles, practice as much as possible and you should be fine!
hi cracker89,
I used the 'Ultimate psychometric tests' book by mike bryon, which contains:
verbal and numerical reasoning aswell as non-verbal reasoning and mechanical comprehension and IQ tests.
ISBN: 978-0-7494-5308-4

I hope this is of some help, good luck :)
One of the main problems I noticed during the test was that other people were running out of time, make sure you time you revision tests.
They don't warn you when your time is nearly up so keep an eye on the clock. Quickly figure out how much time you'll have for each question and try to work to that.
Get down to the AFCO before your due time and you'll be sat nervous as hell with everyone else, the two guys at my AFCO in Lincoln were very good at putting us at ease, asking us what trades we were going for and making fun of some of the trades :)
You will be informed in quite some detail about how the test will be conducted and then the test will begin - make sure you go to the toilet before going in for your test, if you need to leave the test to go, you'll forfit your test!!
We had to wait about and hour for the results after the test so I spent my time in Starbucks with a newspaper, trying to keep my mind occupied.
I suppose now your going to tell me this is your second attempt and you already know this!! :)
Nope its my first attempt!
was meant to do it in feb but they rang me saying they had a cancellation and i could do it this week!
only had my interview last week
When i did mine, i just went through the ones i could answer stright away, as the time goes by really quick, then went through the ones i could answer with a bit of working out then the ones i did not have a clue on, i just guessed. You either know it or you dont.

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