Mech. Eng. Final Year Projects

I'm currently at the end of my second year at Uni and planning to join as a Marine Engineering Officer upon graduation of my course. I'm at UWE which is much more aeronautical then good old nautical so my suggested projects don't really interest me.

Does anyone here know where I might be able to find some good maritime final year projects in relation to a B. Eng. Mech. Eng.?

I'm not really bothered whether it will help my joining prospects or not, maritime engineering is my passion and I'd rather do a project I enjoy than not.

Is it worth contacting my AFCO?


It was only no moving parts in the film. In the book it had two sets of impellers mounted in each tunnel.

It was only no moving parts in the film. In the book it had two sets of impellers mounted in each tunnel.

The film was in colour, only the books cover was in colour. QED The film is true, other wise how could it be filmed.


The insides of the book were in colour too. Off-White and black if I remember correctly.

Or are black and white not true colours?

The mind boggles.
Silent propulsion project does sound good?!? Although in the film it is a bit crap that the first US submarine to spot the Red October instantly picks ups a sound signature and can track it.

Drakey - I do have a few ideas rattling around in my head, but just scoping for more.
You can carry on my research if you wish. Look at alternative methodologies for calculating theoretical buckling pressures of ring stiffened conical shells and cylinders. Obviously ring stiffened shells are what submarine pressure hulls are constructed of. A non-linear finite element analysis (using anything but ANSYS) on various hull designs, examining the buckling pressures is additional work that needs to be done.
For a final year project it's brilliant as it has a clear outcome. I managed to get a published paper from my final year project on the above topic. It will be much better than trying to create a conceptual design of an entire submarines propulsion system.
However if you would enjoy doing that more, than give it a go.

Feel free to email me if you want any additional info.
Firstly, good for trying to go your own way, but for someone whose "passion" is maritime engineering you must have some ideas...
Don't dismiss the projects suggested out of hand, as you know in engineering terms many of the problems will be similar in any field (FE modelling, thermodynamics, fluids) the staff will have thought about them, and will be able to support them. In many ways they will develop as you progress. Whilst it may sound exciting to design a super-submersible, you don't have much time and need a focussed objective in order to do well.

Having said that if you are determined:
Can you twist a current project: eg a structures, fluids or thermodynamic model can be applied in a different environment?
Talk to the interesting lecturers? Look at their research (especially sponsoring companies).
What style of project: practical (will depend on internal resources), modelling (pc based so more flexible), a review paper (very flexible if allowed) but harder to do A grade work unless you are genuinely a 1st class student.

Options(for someone with a passion, you should be able to come up with many more):
relative efficiency of wing sails over conventional
Energy saving for maritime transport, kite systems/wing sails.
Tidal energy in the Severn bore - (loads of options from modelling flows, to turbine design)
Novel materials -
Surface coatings for reduced wetting in high speed water craft.
Composites for reduced radar signatures (note corrosion complications in maritime environment)

If you want to be taken seriously you need to be seen to be using your own initiative!

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