Meat raffles....sh1t 'em

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by yicker, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Meat reffles....only the unpopular people win.

    Once again I've just found out how popular I am!
  2. Well just make sure that you dick the meat in future :p
  3. What a gash AVATAR.

    Cheers for the wets and stickies.
  4. Avatar? Yours sums you and your oppo' up nicely you pair of t*ts.

    Hope SlimBoyFat enjoyed the pie ;-)
  5. It disapeared like dust up a Dyson!!!!
  6. As will the fat boys breakfast he won no doubt. Only meat raffle this year and he won top prize the spawny [email protected]
  7. It was a sympathy win, they couldn't watch him fade away like a starving orphan!
  8. And how long would it take to watch him fade away?

    He caught that flesh eating bug once and was give 10 years to live!
  9. I remember that, was it not the year that somebody said "England Expects"?

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