Meat is child abuse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by asst_dep_to_dep_asst, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. What about the story carried on Jeremy Vine's show yesterday that some strange folk believe that feeding meat to children is a form of child abuse?

    Is this crap ever going to stop? Man is currently at the top of the food chain and is lucky enough to be able to choose which food to eat, but the natural way is that he hunts for food. I quite enjoy veggie, but am not prepared to be told by any half-baked, self-elected "expert" that I may not eat meat.

    One woman on the radio yesterday was told by a half-educated pillock that it was disgusting that her child had eaten squirrel. It's disgusting that children are dying of starvation in a world of plenty.

    Oh! I forgot - meat is murder(!)
  2. Oops, the dog a had a couple of months ago tasted pretty good though.
    What a feed of crap. Have you ever met a veggy that wasn't a ginger pasty faced freak? No, me neither
  3. There will always be such, no doubt well meaning, nutters about. Unfortunately the popular Media provides them with a platform and a disproportionate amount of implied credibility.
  4. Sometimes I feel that we need to explore space more to find out exactly what planet these Twat's came down from and then do something about it.

  5. At the end of the day there is little to separate the militant veggies from any othe campaigning minority group, be they foodies, religious or on some other moral crusade. I would suggest that the only reason so far the veggies have done so little is that in general the militant ones are really just wimps. I know quite a few veggies, and they are neither militant nor wimps, in fact my brother who is a lapsed veggies played rugby till he was 45. One only has to look at the behaviour of groups like animal rights in the UK or the anti abortionists in the US to see how things can progress.

    Just wait till the Provisional Veggies Association is formed and going to the butchers shop will be an adventure every day.

  6. Have you ever visited Nigeria? You can buy genuine hot dogs there! They regard dogs just the same way we regard male lambs - as a food source. Very sensible if you ask me.
  7. Could do with eating them in this country. especially the ones who's owners dont clean up the crap after them
  8. How do you you're not already??? 8O

    Plenty of cats went missing in my home town a few years ago, and a local chinese takeaway was found to have cat remains in their bins - along with a couple of dogs and other assorted animals. And I bet they're not the only ones.

    Anyhow, let the veggie brigade think what they like. I'll carry on eating meat as long as it's on sale. Valuable source of protein, and as Lingyai says, most veggies are pasty faced and weak anyway, unless they take supplements (a mate of mine who was a veggie had the local branch of Holland & Barrett in his kitchen cupboard). Hardly natural......
  9. If we were suposed to eat Veggie stuff,we would have 4 stomachs and chew the cud for hours on end!
  10. If we're not supposed to eat meat, why did God make animals so tasty?
    You can't beat a nice piece of steak where the blood pisses out as you stick the knife in.
  11. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,Bacon butties with lashings of brown sauce!
  12. Nothing like a bit of dog to keep you warm in winter. The Chinese also eat rats and cats. Sod the veggies let me at Tom & Jerry.
  13. What was the quote from Prince Philip about the Chinese and their diet

    Something like if its got animal ,reptile or bird features its tasty!!

    Should ask a few veggies to start eating grass ----------cows and sheep do quite well on it!!
  14. I could just eat a nice fillet steak , red in the middle , cant beat it , cream & black pepper sauce , mmmmmmmm :roll:
  15. Love steak too, but I am a well done man, when I see a rare steak I never know wether to eat it or lick it to orgasm :lol:
  16. Lick it to orgasm , mmmmmmmm , pity I'm at work 8)
  17. Yeah, at work with a bunch of nurses !! :D
  18. Yeh Ling , but does'nt go down well with Matron , having one of the nurses in the styrups , I'll be thinking of that all night now , theres a couple of foxy chicks here that would look good in styrups , :oops:
  19. Roger that, I just came back from the hospital after having an MRI, the Thai nurses in their little wite uniform (with high heels and short skirts too) drives me nuts, no wonder my blood pressure is always up (amongst other things) he he he
  20. Very foxy chick Lingyai , theres a few look like that here , 8) :D
    all wear theatre greens though , but see them in civvies & what a difference

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