Meanwhile , while we are looking eastwards.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by silverfox, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  2. Interesting, but I fear it will be fruitless. Fundamentally Israel feels insecure and can she really be certain that if she compromises and agrees to this offer, that the Islamic fundamentalists will not simply use this as a stepping-stone to create more bloodshed and mayhem, and kill more innocent Israelis? After all, this Saudi backed deal is presumably only endorsed on a Pan Arab governmental level, not by the terrorists who kill and maim Jewish women and children.

    I would love to be proved wrong however!

  3. Fraid your spot on "AAC" , dont think it will ever be sorted , to much hatred on all sides , the terrorists are just savages with no reguard whatsoever for human life , they will kill children at the drop of a hat , no quarms at all ,
  4. Now was that the Israelis or the palestinians you were talking about, or both?

    It is interesting that the US seems to be supporting the concept and Saudi is using the plan to change the conflict from Jew/Muslim to Arab/Israeli and is telling Iran to but out, so some change in emphasis coming in.
  5. Unfortunately the average terrorist really doest care who he kills (Arab or Isreali) just as long as he kills someone! Sad but true - the answer???? god I wish I knew, so do a few million others (got my ideas tho')
  6. Anyone else think we should leave them to it?
  7. Arabs and Israelis? Both sides are as bad as each other.
  8. Have'nt got the answer to that one , but I tend to think Isreal is surrounded on all sides , do I know the answer , no I dont , nobody does otherwise we would'nt be in this position , :cry:
  9. Jungly at last somebody with a sensible idea! All we gotta do is get the rest to agree! Slick - well hey are from the same 'tribe' so you'd expect them to be wouldn't you?
  10. And who do the Saudi's intend to use for their army in this war. Suppose it will be the ex-pats who are the backbone of their forces. They are shouting loud and clear but did nothing when Saddam attacked Quwait.
  11. Slim

    The ex-pats prepared to take the Saudi and other Gulf States Blood money should realize that one day they may have to spill their blood. If you are not prepared for that leave.

  12. Link's not working for me can anyone paste the full article? Cheers in advance.

    edit: Got it working, very interesting but I can't see Israel relinquishing control over those regions nor can I see groups like Hamas and Hezbollah putting down their weapons and recognising Israel just like that. Those groups don't want a truncated Israel, they want no Israel and I'm afraid that no politcal agreements by the Middle Eastern power brokers is going to change that.

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