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Meanwhile at Stanley

HMS CLYDE Photos Courtesy of Donald Morrison Falklands P.C.
Ah, sunny Mare Harbour- if only it was closer to Stanley! Absolute bl**dy mission to get back to after a run ashore at the Globe/Upland Goose. For the real connoisseurs, there's also the Trough, finest nightclub in the South Atlantic, bring your own beer (!) but the house band, the Fighting Pigs, are damn good.....


Certainly doesnt look like Mare Harbour to me. The hulk in the third pic is inner Stanley Harbour as is the house in the fore ground of the fourth.
hadn't noticed the old hulk in that picture- far be it from me to uggest that one wharf in the FI looks very much like another.... Of course, the buildings at MH are more sort of green than orange. :thanks:

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