Meaningless threats


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Threats are made that if ones posts are not Wreckert et al approved they will get the Float Test.
These are futile threats. Numbers are so thin on the ground that to do this without regard would see the end on Navy Net.
Navy Net should be a net for the "Give 'er one for me Chief" navy or it is lost.
Yes,it looks as if it is lost.
Do you smoke darlin?
Bend over I'll give you a tickler
Those coarse ? days are presumably long gone.
Nothing can be done about that but with a little bit of wit an alternative can surely can be found. boring Armchair warriors putting the world to rights will be of little help.
The commander in the bath with a young wren explaining how a torpedo works --that will cheer us up.


War Hero
That is being rather disingenuous is it not? As a paragon of virtue Navy Net style you must really speak your mind. That was it? Oh well!
Thought the site reggies had limited you to one persona.
time for you to be completely banned from the site you toss pot!


War Hero
Book Reviewer
He has gone and thrown his toys out of the cradle.

How long before he appears again and any bets as to his username?

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