Meaning of NAPA

In the course of some research in the National Archives I've come across several references to NAPA, which I think is a form of code which refers specifically from Oct 1940 to June 1941. Just wondering if anyone has come across this acronym before, and what it stands for.
Which Class in the PRO did you find the abbreviation ?
By the dates given, it coincides with the beginning of Lend Lease - at a VERY rough guess, North American Procurement Agency,-probably wrong, but.............
BJ5/73 (Records of the Met office) which concerns floating met stations during WW2. The acronym appears in flimsies in which the senior meteorologists on the weather ships (Merchant Navy steamers) that advise that the latest NAPA has not been received, or in replies advising the alternative procedure to use. The code was used to encrypt weather messages, but it's not clear if it was Admiralty or Met Office in origin. I'd assumed one time pads would have been used for the encryption, a common procedure in met circles since it meant the code could never be broken, but at the back of my mind I had a feeling that the Admiralty used something different - hence my posting the query.
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