2badge_mango said:
"I am just about to drop something from a great height, and, at this precise moment, your head is in the f*****g way".

Usually shouted by Jackdusties (of old) before slings and hooks came in .... :p

Aren't all these commands listed in the Seamanship Manuals - or aren't they issued these days?
dunkers said:
whitemouse said:
... Seamanship Manuals - or aren't they issued these days?
Of course not; that would cost money! :dwarf:
I thought they were issued these days in ebook format:

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Andrew said:
Stand from under

An archaic term used by the leader class of the species Homo sap.sapiens (called Officer) to inform a fellow that if they remain in the same geographical position, they are likely to suffer death or injury

page 2B734.54:6(2)

source: Astroadmiral 2BM
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I feel this subject may deserve a wider audience in History or Quarterdeck unless you or anyone else has strong views about this matter I will move the thread.

Not standing from under may have the same result as standing in direct line of recoil. Actually, try not standing in direct line of recoil when working on the casing during harbour stations...there just ain't no place to hide!
Do not stand in a bight or coil either...common sense really.

Stand from under was also used to warn a miscreant that punishment was coming their way if continuing down the same route.
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