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Mean?or just very careful?


War Hero
Here's my take on a couple of stories and I mean no racism views here it could have been anyone but it happened as I saw it.
1.Standing in the Queue of WH Smiths with my paper in hand a well dressed man in front of me clutched the Jewish Chronicle.
At the desk he said to the Asst “I want to return this paper for a refund!” the Asst thought! WTF and told him so asking why?
He said “I never knew that the new edition was due on Friday[today] if I had I would not have bought this one on Wednesday and would have waited until today!”
The price was about 70p the asst said no,the guy called the manager and created such a fuss they gave him a new paper for old!
He had more balls than me!
2.Doing my thing at the Casino bar one night buying drinks for all who had lost,dishing out meals for the big losers trying to find out if their wife had a bank account they could raid! I was aware of a woman hovering nearby.
She was a small gambler but regular she said she was back from the Synagogue.
I asked if everything was ok and she told me she lost her husband two days ago.
I never know what to say in these cases so I asked her to accept a large Brandy from me which she did.
I then asked if there was anything I could do do help her in some way get over her loss.
She said “ There is,would you like to buy three of my husbands suits!I was looking at you and you are about the same build!”
Poor bugger was hardly cold and she was looking to flog his suits.
Norman Collier the comedian was with me[bit of name dropping there,but a genuinely funny man],said “I don't bloody believe that,if I could work it into my act no-one else would believe it either!
There you have it meanness or carefulness in the extreme, a bit different from someone not buying his round I think you will agree.


Early 90's me and 8 others would kick off the w/end about half 7 and work our way into town hitting all the pubs, as you do. One bloke used to join us about 4 pints in and would be reluctant to get his round in, tight bastard. One particular night he arrived just as we were entering the fifth pub, ''For once in your life, get a full round in'' someone remarked, ''OK'' sez he, I had spotted they had Caffreys on the bar which had just been introduced, ''That new beer Caffreys is ace, I'll av a pint of that'', to a man everyone said they would give it a go, only I knew it was the most expensive ale available. 9 Caffreys and shrapnel in change from a 20 note, serves the prat right.


War Hero
Super Moderator
I was on a boat visiting Canada (Halifax, Nova Scotia to be precise) and our hotel was ace and we all got on great with the staff, so much so they threw a party for us when we were leaving. Centre table was piled high with fresh fruit, halfway through the party in strode our TI, he ignored the bar, went up to the fruit display and topped up a carrier bag with fruit and fucked off back to his room, even the hotel staff were gobsmacked.

He was the tightest bloke I've ever met, he used to save every penny of his subby's and on every run ashore stayed in his hotel room.


Lantern Swinger
Back in my diesel boat days we had an outside killick whom we called 'Lend us a quid Dick'. He would go round the boat, when alongside, and borrow 50p off of anyone who would give it him. By DTS time he had a packet.
Back in my diesel boat days we had an outside killick whom we called 'Lend us a quid Dick'. He would go round the boat, when alongside, and borrow 50p off of anyone who would give it him. By DTS time he had a packet.
Why wasn't he called "lend us 50p Dick"?
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