Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Stirling, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. Hello site......Guess where I am Phil, Site and watchers final info Site.
    My Dear departed Mother, stood infront of house number 1, my Dear departed Father, farm labourer, I have no memory of him as I was too young, eldest brother B. to the right of Mam, ex AB rp, now in a wheelchair as he has lost one leg, left of picture is P. , tabbing, has emphasema, ex Coldstream L/cpl., next to P. is eldest sister C.,3 sisters are not ex forces but,. Middle of picture is F., ex L/s, gunner FC, in front B. is J., also ex Coldstream L/cpl, site s/by, the guy with sisters hands on his shoulders is ex Wo 1,REL, as it was when he retired, next row left is J, then B. front left is L., ex RCT, mighty Antar driver...Richard.
    Brother J. refers to Dad as a Saint, because of his struggle to support his family, working in pitch black until he was satisfied he had done enough in his huge back garden, he would then go indoors to have his one tab per day, checking every pull to give him indication when to hand it to my Mother. One bedroom cottage, apart from me in cot with Mam and Dad other family in ex railway carridge. Now it has clicked with someone..and thousands of others.
    Site. I am busy, will insert picyure when I get back, B's picture has a minute flaw but there are a few words to ponder.

  2. The answer is about 5 feet up your own arse!
  3. The picture is kinda key to the post Stirl....
  4. For me - I really don't care!!
  5. -
    Moss family.jpg

    pic now up.
  6. Google are shite, as are MS, why do they not release op that does not talk in teccy speak..thick as mince up is Led Zep 2
  7. Just found a speck of dust on my hospital sterile floor, Stokers are clean, exept when on the tropics.
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