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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by ajoule, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. New kid on the blog - RN from 60 - 90 - Greenie - LEM then LCEM -PO(C)EL made to POWEM(O) Left as CWEM(O) in Rosyth - now working in Dubai :whew:
    Ships Raliegh, C'wood - Lochinvar - Hermes,(C"Wood Dolphin Chatham D"Yd, Truncheon, Dolphin (Barrow in Furness) Resolution,C'Wood - FMG Pompey, Blake FMG Pompey Matapan Bulwark C'wood, Niaid (C'Wood)Critchton Hodgeston Rothesay FOSNI - Bye Bye Since I left - Worked all over - even did 5 years in the Falklands left in 2002 - Gained BSc DSc. thats about it - :salut:

    Copied from blogs (original entry) - post comments here.
  2. Hi ajoule, welcome to RR.

    How long have you been over here?
  3. Dubai - 5 years ! :farao:
  4. Not long then!!

    I've only been here 18 months, myself. You will have seen all the development taking shape.
  5. Ive been involved in a lot of them. Was with Dar Al Handasah Consultants until Feb this year - dealing with the Airport expansion - Burjuman Expansion - plus some other work on the Palm an ibn Battutah Mall. Now with Al Habtoor Engg. ^_^;
  6. Can I PM you? We may know each other.
  7. No worries - where ?
  8. Go to your 'Inbox' at the home page.
  9. Ajoule

    Welome to the happy band. I have e-mailed you re Truncheon. The banter here can be rough so remember its still just a cyber mess deck.

  10. You're up early for a Sunday Nutty, off to Church?
  11. No. remember I am on Central European Time BST +1 and as the sunshine comes up, as it does every day in Spain about 7am the dogs come into the bedroom and say walk or we piss on the tiles. So 6 am BST I am up.

    Church? Don't think so. I am not an atheist, because to be an atheist you have to accept that there IS A GOD for you not to believe in.

  12. As opposed to the Dyslexic Agnostic?

    Who didn't believe there was a Dog?
  13. how are you? i was in rosyth fmg 88 -89 then joined the york 89 92 where were you in rosyth? i was powem o so i think we may know each other.
  14. Welcome onboard this hypercanoe Ajoule.

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