ME Officer Training


I had my interview, and although it went alright, it turns out that I did not know as much about the training as I thought I did, especially the professional training.

I was using this as a guide for the training but a lot of it has now changed I think Engineer Officer.pdf

For example, apparently I do not do Initial Fleet Time but instead do Initial Sea Acquaintance which is 3 weeks instead of 10.

There is also a lot more to the professional training that I can not find.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?



Initial officer training - INT(O) is at BRNC Dartmouth and lasts for a total of 30 weeks split into two phases

Phase 1 - Militarisation 15 weeks

Here you do all the things you would probably associate with basic training, marching, physical training, managing your kit, field work and basic elements of command and control which are assessed in week 10 during a 5 day exercise on Dartmoor known as ABLE. (Assessed Basic Leadership Exercise). The final 5 weeks of militarisation are various exams on military subjects which you will be studying.

Phase 2 - Marinisation 15 weeks

This begins with 3 weeks Initial Sea Acquaint (ISA) where you will live as a junior rate upon a Royal navy warship (Frigate/Destroyer/LPD/LPH) completing your ISA task book ending in an oral exam most likely with your divisional officer. From here the rest of your training will be navigational, ship handling, seamanship and more command and leadership leading up to your final assessment MARL on the river dart around week 27/28. From here the final weeks are a bit of Adventurous training before your pass out parade where you will commission as a Naval Officer.


HMS SULTAN - Systems Engineering Management Course (SEMC) 15 weeks

Leaving Dartmouth you will join the SEMC course and complete a 15 week course with various exams and reports covering Diesel Engines, Hydraulics, Pumps, Valves, Heat exchangers, Compressors and various others. This will be leading up and preparing you for your next phase at sea.

JMEO - Junior Marine Engineering Officer 16 week at sea.

You will join ship again this time as the JMEO. This phase is building your whole ship knowledge and how the various departments work together to run an operational warship. You will spend time in a Departmental Acquaint with each department (X,ME,WE,L etc) learning a basic level about how that department operates.

SEMC - Phase 2 20 weeks

Return to sultan for a further 20 weeks completing various other exams and reports to prepare you for the next stage of your sea time. You will also complete you Officer of the day course, ISSC, Divisional Officers course and the Junior Officer Leadership Course.

AMEO - 7-9 Months at sea. (Assistant Marine Engineering Officer)

Here you will return to sea to complete all of your various watch keeping tickets to prepare you to become DMEO, you will also be expected to qualify as Officer of the day for your platform during your time as well. So all in all a very intensive year(ish) of your life.

SEMC - Phase 3 10 Weeks

Complete your MEQ and your platform specific training and you will have completed phase 2 to join train strength.

Thats a quite detailed guide of how you will progress from joining dartmouth to gain to trained strength. For you interview a realistic view of the timings as well as the various roles you will do in your time should be sufficient.


Thanks Mordz

I had my interview today and of course the training pipeline came up.
The info you gave me was great and im glad to say i passed the interview...just have AIB next